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    “On the spot: Briley Neugebauer, Dance junior”

    If someone were to make a movie of your life, who would you pick to play you?

    Hmmm. Well, definitely someone super crazy and funny, but also who knows what’s going on in life, you know?

    Who would that be?

    Well, at first I would say maybe Sandra Bullock, but that’s probably too typical right now.

    So you aren’t into Oscar-winning actresses playing you?

    (Laughs.) I need someone more edgy. Come to think of it, Katherine Heigl wouldn’t be too bad. Plus, I think she could pull off red hair.

    Any other reasons Heigl would be the perfect fit?

    She’s quirky and has a good sense of humor. You know, not super serious. I mean, how many people could have their dress almost fall off on stage and be able to laugh it off?

    Good point. I know I would probably have turned and sprinted out of sight. Is there anyone else who you think could fill your shoes?

    Well … maybe Taylor Swift.


    Oh yeah. (Sarcastic smirk.) She understands love so well. No, I’m completely joking. I do like some of her songs though.

    Yeah, they’re not too bad. So are you a country lover?

    No. Absolutely no.

    So where does Taylor Swift fall into that?

    Well, she’s the lesser side of country. Kind of like Shania Twain. That stuff isn’t too bad.

    What music do you like to listen to?

    A live pianist as I do tendus and plies. (Laughs.) No, sorry! Dance joke! I do like to listen to those Putumayo CDs.

    Putu-what what?

    It’s a company that travels around the world, and they collect music from all different countries. Sometimes the CD is devoted to a particular style of music, like one of my favorites is a CD of different swing songs. But, you know, I do love ’90s music. Can’t go wrong with a little Spice Girls in your life.

    That’s so true. So tell me what you want, what you really really want?

    Yes! Work!

    So, in the movie of your life, Katherine Heigl would play you and the soundtrack would be a mix of Putumayo and Spice Girls music?

    Hells yes. And maybe some Taylor Swift during the love scenes.

    —Dallas Williamson

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