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    Bread and Butter

    1. Interoffice relationships: are they okay in any case?
    Shelby Thomas: I’m all for love and I know it can come at inconvenient times and places but there is no way that an interoffice relationship is going to end well. Especially if you like your job! Not a smart move.
    Maura Higgs: Yes, if you end up like Jim and Pam.
    Eric Klump: I feel that interoffice relationships present no problems. It’s up to the parties involved to create problems, but as long as their relationship isn’t hidden and they can handle themselves well, that’s fine to me.

    2. Is there a correlation between reading a lot and being a good person?
    ST: I think reading is learning and learning is the cure for ignorance… which is just a beautiful concept.
    MH: I would think so, reading helps teach you empathy. It reminds you there’s other people with different stories out there.
    EK: I suppose so. I would hate to see the person who watched Twilight for the cinematic achievement rather than just because they read it.

    3. Should we continue to host Spring Fling on campus? Or is it not worth the expense?
    ST: Spring Fling on campus was so much fun and so convenient for students! I think it’s totally worth it and if they kept selling wristbands for the entire weekend, even if at a steeper price, I think they could definitely increase their profit. Instead people had to spend a bunch of money for, like, five rides, which was just annoying.
    MH: It’s worth it to provide something fun for students. But maybe one night of the three it should only be open to the students if it’s going to be held directly on campus.
    EK: Continue it here. Even if it doesn’t make money, I think it’s worth keeping a fun tradition.

    4. Are college admission rates dipping too low? Just what does it take to get into an elite college nowadays?
    ST: “Elite” colleges are just that, and I don’t think it is surprising that college admission rates are so low, especially because more and more people are attending college. Of course, they are ridiculously hard to get into, but there are other completely respectable schools that people should be overjoyed to attend….like the UA!
    MH: Maybe. I would hope colleges are accepting people they think would thrive in their college’s environment. Just the top 5% is a little exclusionary.
    EK: I think college admissions should be for judging the ability of entrants and not an attempt at prestige. If people are doing well enough to enter a school and want to attend, then they should be allowed to.

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