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    Lose the lanyard, your freshman is showing

    Freshman year is a time for partying, “finding yourself” and skipping classes because it’s cool. It’s also a prime time for bad fashion choices. So if you’re trying to hide your “froshdom” from the upperclassmen, be sure to avoid these telltale freshman faux pas:

    The lanyard

    A lanyard is the perfect solution for those of us who lose our keys too often or want to rep our favorite sports team or school. Plus, this trendy way of carrying keys is cheap and convenient. But wearing your lanyard around your neck, keys dangling, is not cool. We get it: You can drive, you don’t live with your parents and you love the Yankees. Just please keep your lanyard in your pocket.

    The high school class ring

    Ever wonder why they target sophomores rather than seniors to buy class rings? Because seniors know better than to waste their money on these pointless commemorations whereas sophomores don’t know any better and still think they are cool. But if you didn’t get the memo then, you definitely shouldn’t still be wearing a class ring from high school once you’ve graduated to college. There’s nothing fashionable about them, and frankly, they make you look nerdy. (If you think the shirt that came in that package deal might be a better option, just wait. I’ll get there.)

    The Ugg boots and jean skirt

    I’m sure we all remember when this trend became popular four or five years ago. But I’ve never understood it. If it’s cold enough to wear Uggs, shouldn’t it be too cold to wear a miniskirt? Not only do these chunky boots look awkward with such a tightly-fitted bottom, but come on. Don’t risk pneumonia in order to look, dare I say, “cute.”

    The “senior” T-shirts

    In high school, if you don’t buy all five different senior shirts, plus the senior sweatshirt and senior jersey, you are shunned. So you spring for all the senior wear. Then, you wear each article a total of three times during the year and are left with a bunch of pointless senior shirts. They hang there, lone pieces in the corner of your closet, and you are left with the decision of throwing them out or wearing them even though high school is over. Well, I’ll make that choice easy: Throw them out.

    The Hollister and Abercrombie tees

    This type of label whoring is like a disease. There’s nothing more unattractive than a giant label across your chest, especially one that’s not worth wearing in the first place. I remember a time when I refused to wear anything without “Hollister” plastered all over it. But we’re in college now, and times have changed.

    The “Is there a face under there?” makeup job

    We can see that the rest of your body doesn’t match your face, so it’s time to realize bronzer is not a solution to your paleness. Plus, all that eyeliner doesn’t make your eyes stand out — it hides them, and the eye shadow that matches the color of your shirt makes you look like a clown in training. I understand the need to freshen up your look when you’re feeling tired, but stop painting your face. Natural beauty trumps fake beauty any day.

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