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    On the spot

    Makenzie Mullin
    Makenzie Mullin

    We saw Makenzie Mullin, a sophomore majoring in retail and consumer sciences, outside of the Kanye West concert at McKale Center.

    Wildcat: All right, you’re on the spot. What’s your favorite of his albums? Get Rich or Die Trying, or Massacre, or any of the other ones…

    (Her friend): Graduation.

    Mullin: Graduation.

    W: Why do you like that one?

    (Friend): Barry Bonds.

    M: Barry Bonds …with Lil Wayne.

    W: Is that the baseball player?

    (Friend): No, one of the songs.

    M: That’s one of the songs.

    W: Were you upset when he was shot in 2000?

    M: WTF. I didn’t know he was shot.

    W: I think so.

    (Another friend): He crashed his car.

    W: He got in a car accident? I thought he was shot. Like nine times or something.

    (Friend): No, that was 50 Cent.

    M: I think you know what you’re doing. Let’s just say I know what you’re talking about. That’s very upsetting.

    W: Have you ever bought any of his clothing, like G-Unit clothing or whatever?

    M: No.

    W: Is it male clothing? I don’t really know.

    M: Um, yes.

    W: Did you see that movie he was in with Jessica Biel? I think it was about Iraq.

    M: Absolutely not. I’ve never heard of it.

    W: Well, I just read about it online. Who would win in a fight? Kanye, or 50 Cent or … name another rapper.

    M: I think 50 Cent.

    W: But you’re going to see (Kanye’s) concert?

    M: Absolutely. 50’s into a lot of ghetto shit, and Kanye’s more conservative. Chicago. I think Kanye’s a little more contemporary, flashy. He’s very professional, like Lacoste. Whereas 50 Cent’s dressed a little more like a rapper, ghetto, no T-shirt, no pants, the whole tattoo thing.

    W: Who has a better style?

    M: Kanye.

    W: Why?

    M: Because he dresses like a professional. He dresses like a professional.

    W: I see what you’re saying now. Do you think either one would have a better career in fashion?

    M: Kanye. Yeah, definitely.

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