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    Police Beat: Aug. 30

    14-inches in the pants

    Three University of Arizona Police Department officers responded to a call from a community director of the Coronado Residence Hall about a suspicious man around noon on Wednesday.  

    The first two officers to arrive approached the man, while another officer spoke to the community director for the dorm. The community director said they had seen the man standing in the bike racks and felt he wasn’t a UA student, nor did he appear to have a reason to be lingering near the bicycle racks.

    The community director said as she watched from her office, the man knelt  down by a bicycle and acted like he was tying his shoe. She continued to watch as she dialed UAPD. At this time, the man moved to several spots near the bicycle racks without an apparent reason for being there.

    The man consented to be searched by UAPD. The officers found 14-inch bolt cutters in his pants.

    A record check revealed the man had been involved in numerous trespassing reports, and had been arrested for trespassing in March. The man is also the subject of a bulletin released by UAPD as a result of similar circumstances. The man was given a six-month exclusionary order.


    She’s just not that into you

    A UA student reported harassing text messages that she was receiving from another UA student to UAPD at approximately 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

    An officer met with the woman so she could describe the type of text messages she was receiving. The student told the officer that she had been receiving the messages since January, but they were not lewd or threatening in any way.

    The student said the messages were attempts to try to date her. She said she wanted nothing to do with the person, and made that clear, by sending “”Stop texting me,”” prior to meeting with UAPD.

    A UAPD officer asked the student sending the text messages to come to UAPD so they could meet. Once the sender agreed to talk, the officer advised the individual to cease sending text messages, because the woman asked him to stop. The officer asked why he chose not to comply with the woman’s requests. He stated, “”Well, I guess I’m done now.””

    The officer told the student not to contact the woman in any way in the future.


    Be careful how you park

    A UAPD officer was dispatched to the Main Gate Parking Garage at around 6:03 p.m. on Tuesday, in response to a reported vandalism incident.

    A woman had parked her car at the top level for about four hours, and when she returned to her car she noticed the window on the driver’s side had been rolled all the way down.

    Since it had been raining heavily that day, her car’s interior was soaked. She also found a note, written on a napkin, left on her driver’s seat. The note read, “”You should be careful how you park. You hit my car door. Be respectful.”” The napkin was falling apart due to the rain. The woman noted that nothing was missing from her car. She was positive that all of her doors had been locked before she left it there, and all four of her windows were completely rolled up. UAPD found no signs of forced entry into the vehicle.


    Flat tires don’t deflate drunken driver

    A UAPD officer approached a man whose car was pulled to the side of a road near UA campus with two flat tires on Aug. 23.

    The driver, who is unaffiliated with the UA, did not speak any English and was leaning on the rear passenger side fender wall for balance when the officer arrived.

    Speaking in Spanish, the officer asked the man if he could administer a field sobriety test. He also let the man know that he had six out of six cues of horizontal gaze nystagmus, an eye test administrated by police officers to determine alcohol presence in body.

    The driver identified himself with a Mexican driver’s license that listed an incorrect date of birth. The man had bloodshot, watery eyes and the officer detected a strong smell of alcohol on the man’s breath.

    The man said he had been drinking beer at his friend’s house. Once he left, he noticed he had two flat tires but decided to keep driving home rather than fixing or abandoning his car. The officer had the man step away to conduct a sobriety test but the driver couldn’t keep his balance long enough to complete the test.

    The man was placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI. A friend drove the man home after being an administered a blood test.

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