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    Review: Guadalajara Mexican Grill exceeds expectations

    Nick Smallwood
    Located on 4901 E. Broadway Blvd., Guadalajara Mexican Grill is one of Tuscon’s prime restaurants for authentic Mexican cuisine. With a festive atmosphere, wonderful service and a menu that will keep your mouth watering, Guadalajara is the perfect stop for students seeking to fill their stomachs.

    It seems that in modern society, restaurants that represent the common cuisine as well as culture of a particular country are seen as more favorable when it comes to selecting a place to enjoy a nice brunch or dinner.

    Such cases can be applied to restaurants that are viewed as serving the best Italian food, Chinese food and Mexican food dishes in the world.

    Perhaps the reason why we are attracted to such cuisines lies in our curiosity to understand different traditions and customs while maintaining our own identity.

    This was certainly the case when paying a visit to Tucson’s Guadalajara Mexican Grill, located at 4901 E. Broadway Blvd.

    The work that was done in order to create an authentic Mexican-style restaurant was mesmerizing.

    The walls were covered with small portraits of historical Mexican figures ranging from famous songwriters such as Antonio Aguilar, to actors like María Félix and Pedro Infante. The idea and purpose behind these portraits made this restaurant seem like it served an authentic style of Mexican cuisine.

    Of course, portraits were not the only items or aspects that helped establish this restaurant as a true representation of Mexican culture.

    Three guitarists took it upon themselves to show their customers traditional Mexican music.

    Some of the songs they played were “Cuando Calienta El Sol” and “El Mariachi Loco.” My parents immediately recognized the songs that were played, while I was left with curiosity and wonderment.

    Dress was also a huge part of the style of this restaurant: Most of the waitresses that I saw working around our area were wearing dresses that originated from the Mexican state Oaxaca.

    To turn our attention to a different aspect of my experience at this restaurant, the customer service exceeded my expectations.

    The waitress that served us presented us with a list of appetizers such as fresh guacamole, as well as totopos, also known as flat corn. Totopos is very similar to tortillas, only toasted and baked.

    What followed afterwards was a brief, yet enriching, conversation between the waitress and my parents. It was safe to say that this small talk affected my opinion toward the customer service at this establishment. Our meals were well prepared as I had a dish called cilantro chicken, while my parents had beef enchiladas.

    In the end, my visit to Guadalajara Mexican Grill was one that went beyond my expectations, as it not only helped me understand and appreciate authentic Mexican cuisine, but also admire the effort and work of trying to express a foreign culture.

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