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    On The Spot

    On The Spot

    We found clarinet performance and music education senior Salvatore Boenzi on Park Avenue, on his way to a rehearsal.

    Wildcat: You’re on the spot. Do you think aliens exist?

    Boenzi: I do believe that there is life outside of our galaxy.

    W: Why?

    B: Why not?

    W: That’s a good question.

    B: If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere else. They’ve found planets that are within the inhabitable zone within their star and just like our planet. Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology yet to scan their planet, but they’ve found organic life outside of our solar system.

    W: Do you think aliens listen to music?

    B: I’m sure that just as we listen to all the light waves and energy waves that are coming into the earth, I’m sure any other being that is as technologically advanced would do the same.

    W: I wonder what kind of music they would like.

    B: Each person has different kinds of music. You could even go into different races, see different kinds of music as different things. There’s actually a piece of music, the composer escapes me, but it’s called “”4:22″” or something.

    W: John Cage?

    B: He would open up the piano and just sit, and there’s three movements. And after a minute and a half, he would close the piano and open it up again: movement two. It’s just the ambiance.

    W: Yeah, I definitely think aliens would like John Cage. If you were an alien, what kind of alien would you be?

    B: I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about that before. I don’t really care. I am what I am.

    W: If you had an alien superpower, what would it be?

    B: Telekinesis.

    W: I think I would choose flying.

    B: My choice would be telekinesis because not only could I make other objects move but I could make myself move and therefore fly.

    W: Awwww, man! You stumped me!

    B: I’ve thought about this before.

    W: That’s awesome, you one-upped my power. You have two powers! What color skin looks best on people, besides the skins that we already have? A weird skin.

    B: I like blue, green.

    W: I think green is kind of cliché.

    B: I think blue, for a natural reason would work better.

    W: Would it be a dark green or a light green?

    B: I guess a forest green. Something that you would see in nature.

    W: And then they could have alien wars and they’d be so much better at killing each other because they’d have natural…

    B: Camouflage.

    W: Camouflage, yeah.

    -Andi Berlin

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