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    10 reasons we love Kanye West

    In celebration of Kanye West’s eighth studio album T.L.O.P.’ s release, the Daily Wildcat rounded up 10 reasons why we love Kanye West.

    1. He’s a philanthropist

    Kanye West is known to voice love for his Chicago roots. He has lived through the troubles of poverty and trying to make ends meet, which is why he now spends millions of dollars on charity and giving back to what he knows best. In 2005, he and his late mother started the Dr. Donda West Foundation, which made efforts to lower the drop-out rates for kids in school. Kanye West also donates through concert proceeds, benefits and other charitable events.

    2. He’s a genius

    Lie to yourself all you want, Kanye haters, but Kanye West is a musical genius. From the extended metaphors in his lyrics, to producing amazing beats and detailed albums, Kanye West is a master of rap and hip-hop music.

    3. He’s self-confident

    Arrogant or self-confident? We say self-confident. Kanye West has always promoted himself highly because he respects himself and saw the potential in his work from the beginning, which is a valuable trait. It doesn’t it matter what we say, though — Kanye West loves himself and his self-confidence more than we do or ever will.

    4. He has a great smile — we promise

    Kanye West smiles? Why yes, he does. He has a beautiful one that’s seen in photos with the ever-ethereal North West or his wife, Kim Kardashian West. But don’t be so quick to judge: his smile is so rare you might think Kanye never smiles.

    5. His soul is in Chi-town

    “Chi-town what’s going on?” If you’re an ardent Kanye fan, you will notice that he often refers to Chi-town — Chicago—in his songs. In fact, he has a whole song dedicated to it. “Homecoming,” featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay, was featured in his album Graduation. In the song, Kanye West discusses lost love for his hometown in an extended metaphor ultimately saying it will always be home. He has also launched a project with fellow friend, rapper and co-worker Common. Together they use their charities to create jobs for the youth of Chicago.

    6. He is the true definition of an artist

    Not only does Kanye West produce music for himself and others, but he also has a passion for fashion and works intensely with other creative designers and brands. He has a contract with Adidas, and collaborated with them to create the ever-popular Yeezy line of shoes

    7. He loves being a dad

    Kanye is not shy when it comes to expressing his love for his family and especially his little girl North. In 2014, Kanye released a song featuring Paul McCartney as a tribute to North. It’s cool because the song was sung from the point of view of his late mother, Donda West. In the music video, his love for North and the close bond they share is so intimately shown, make sure you have some tissues handy.

    8. He makes mistakes

    Kanye makes mistakes, just like any other person on the planet. He is notorious for going up on stage at the Video Music Awards, snatching the microphone from Taylor Swift and ruining her moment by saying “Beyoncé had the best music video of all time.” Ouch. But we all reflect and learn from our mistakes — even Kanye West.

    9. His drive

    “I’d do anything to say ‘I got it,'” Kanye said in “Touch the Sky.”

    Kanye is ambitious and passionate when it comes to his work. He takes every project he works on with delicacy and compassion, and makes it his own. From his music to producing for others to his clothing line, Kanye is determined to build a name for himself — and he has.

    10. He speaks his mind

    There is no hiding the fact that Kanye is a professional at speaking his mind, and anybody can respect that. He is often seen as arrogant or excessive with his words, but why? He’s always in the public eye, but he’s not afraid to express himself and talk about what he loves—that’s respectable.

    It’s Yeezy season, baby. Now go listen to Kanye’s new album, T.L.O.P.

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