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    “On the spot: Undecided Sophomore, Mike Weiss”

    What’s your major?

    I’m undecided but kind of thinking about a science or music, not sure.

    Interesting … so you know tonight, it’s about to be Thursday night …

    Yes, it is.

    You know what that means …

    I don’t know. I’m a transfer student so I haven’t been on campus much.

    Jersey Shore, new episode tonight. Please tell me you are a fan?

    I will be a fan when I watch it for the first time tonight, I guess.

    That’s right. 10 p.m. you definitely need to check in. OK, well, since you are not a Jersey Shore fan, have you had any crazy dreams recently?

    I know I have, but I can’t remember.

    Well, have you seen Inception?

    Yes, I just watched it last week.

    What two worlds would you jump back and forth from if you could be like Leonardo DiCaprio and all that?

    Like the ones in the movie or just any worlds?

    Any worlds, your own worlds, worlds you can think of, just what two worlds would you jump in between?

    Well two dreams that I have all the time. Number one, where I, like, go underwater and can breathe and stay underwater. That’s actually one of my favorite ones and then my other one is where I can fly. So, I guess between those two.

    So, being able to hold your breath and being able to fly are your perfect dream worlds to jump back and forth from?

    Well, breathe underwater.

    Oh gotcha, gotcha. On a different note … what is some advice you would give to a freshmen as just something not to do in college?

    Don’t just sit in your dorm and watch TV all day. There are so many clubs — like the club fair was out here yesterday and there literally were hundreds of tents, just not even enough time for all the stuff that I would want to do.

    That really is great advice. Where did you transfer?

    Hope College in Southern Michigan.

    You didn’t like it there?

    Nah, it was too small.

    Are you excited for the Wildcat football games?

    Yeah, very excited. My friend was trying to convince me to join the Zona Zoo.

    Oh, you have to join the Zona Zoo. You need to get your pass right away.

    I haven’t yet, when is the first game?

    Sept. 11. What are you going to do tonight at 10 p.m.?

    Watch Jersey Shore!

    And what are you going to do right now when you get home?

    Um, probably practice sax.

    Well, the answer I was looking for was purchase your Zona Zoo pass from (

    I will do that too.

    — Caroline Nachazel





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