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    New show gets ‘Hot’ on campus

    Beginning tonight at 6, UATV will regularly run a show called “”Hot Campus”” that will focus on various campus issues, both serious and comedic. The live show is co-hosted by journalism junior Sam Sabaugh and journalism senior Garrett Rubis. Assistant news editor Chris Carter sat down with Sabaugh to delve into the inner workings of the new UATV show.

    Tell me a little about the show, the inspiration, where it came from.

    I’m a broadcast journalism major, and we care about UATV. We kind of wanted to put a spark in it. I feel like a lot of students don’t really watch it, and I hope by having us on there, I hope we can get a large amount of people in Greek system to watch it.

    You said you wanted to reach the Greek community. Is everyone involved with this part of the Greek community?

    Yes, our correspondent (journalism junior Molly Madlock), myself, my co-host and our producer are all part of the Greek system.

    What’s the theme of the show, and what will it pertain to?

    It pertains to campus issues – some funny, some serious. It’s basically about topics that go around campus every day that no one really talks about. We bring out those topics, my co-host Garrett and I.

    Do you have any examples of what’s going to air tomorrow?

    Yeah. In one segment, we interview girls on creepy guys on campus. For instance, a girl who got followed home (will talk). … From that, we have kind of a personal skit of us – our example of us being creepy on campus.

    How long does it take you to produce this show?

    Just because there’s a lot of stuff, it’s not going to be a weekly show. We’re going to make it a monthly thing. This is kind of our pilot show, just to basically figure out how to tie up a lot of loose ends. This is just a starting episode. Hopefully by next semester – second episode – it will be substantially better, but I hope that we develop an audience on this.

    How long does the

    show run?

    The show is going to be 18 minutes, 30 minutes with commercials.

    Can you talk a little bit about how hard it was getting licensed for the show, getting people to talk to you?

    It’s pretty difficult. We got basically every excuse when we tried to do the field interviews. There were about a thousand people who had adviser appointments. I mean, it was shocking. Our producer (media arts sophomore Pete Burr) puts in hours setting up the audio and all the transitions, and making it a show that flows from beginning to end. We’re really excited about the final product.

    Are you guys taking things from the UA community? Is it strictly revolved around that, or is there a certain news element tied to it – is it more feature-y?

    For our first one, it’s probably a little more comedy than a news element. … Hopefully in the future, we can get a significant coach or a big athlete on campus. … If we get a significant figure, we’ll ask them the serious questions, and then if they’re willing to, once we get into the topics and stuff, they’ll stick around for the not-so-serious topics, like the creepy guy story or the fashion notes.

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