3 things to know today

Buy your friends online for pennies a day

A new service promises to make you more popular by making you appear to be more popular. For 99 cents a month, fakeyourspace.com will provide attractive, interesting friends to leave comments on your MySpace or Facebook page. Now you won’t need to pay your “”friends”” to leave comments anymore!

Dirty money

According to the Pima County Health Department, cases of the flu in Tucson have doubled in the past few weeks. They attribute the sharp increase to recent tourism, saying that although visitors have pumped lots of money into the economy for the gem show, the rodeo and the PGA tournament, they have also introduced Tucsonans to new strains of the flu.

Last day of primary voting

The last day to vote for candidates in the Associated Students of the University of Arizona primary elections is today. You can vote online through Student Link until 8 p.m.