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    Police Beat

    ‘Arrest me and take me to jail’

    Two women were cited and released for being minors in possession of alcohol March 12 at 7:30 p.m.

    Police responded to the Coronado Residence Hall in reference to an intoxicated woman in the elevator lobby.

    When they arrived, police made contact with a resident assistant who said the woman had been carried into the building, but she did not live there.

    The RA also said there was a female student who was assisting the woman to the student’s room. The woman is not a UA student. The student told the RA that she had used a fake ID to purchase the alcohol earlier in the day. The RA said he had heard glass, possibly alcohol bottles, in the student’s room earlier, but he had been unable to locate them because he was not allowed in the room.

    Police spoke to the student first. They noticed that she had bloodshot eyes and a flushed face. She also smelled of intoxicants. The student denied having any ID and told officers that the RA was making things up.

    The student refused to take a portable breath test. She told officers, “”Arrest me and take me to jail. I’ll just get out.”” She told officers she did not want to do a breath test because she did not want to get a minor in possession. She told them, “”I’m not saying I didn’t drink, I’m just not going to submit.””

    The other woman was unable to stand on her own and was bracing herself on the wall. She had bloodshot, watery eyes, a flushed face and a strong odor of intoxicants coming from her body. The woman slurred her speech when she spoke.

    The woman was given a portable breath test. She had a blood alcohol content of .333 percent.

    Both women were cited and released for being minors in possession of alcohol. The student was also referred to the Dean of Students Office. The other woman was not a UA student.

    That’s not a puppy at the foot of your bed

    Police were dispatched to the Villa del Puente Residence Hall in reference to suspicious activity on March 12 at 1:13 p.m.

    When they arrived, police made contact with a woman who said that on March 8 around 5:15 a.m., she woke up and saw a man lying down at the foot of her bed in the fetal position.

    The woman said she thought the man was a friend of hers who had done that before, so she asked him to leave. The man did not get up. She said she asked him to leave periodically over the next five. When the man did not respond, the woman sat up in her bed and again loudly asked the man to leave. The man then sat up so that they were face to face. She realized the man was not her friend. She told the man she was trying to sleep and asked him to leave.

    The man then got up off the bed, grabbed his pants that were on the floor, put them on and left the room. The woman said the man did not say anything to her or attempt to touch her.

    Because it was dark in the room and the woman was not wearing her contacts, she did not think that she would be able to identify the man again. The woman told police she believed the man may have been intoxicated because he did not respond to her comments throughout the incident.

    The woman told officers she and her roommate had forgotten to lock the door that evening before they went to bed. She also said she did not report the incident sooner because she was tired and did not think about it at the time. She did tell her resident assistant and community director about the incident the same day it happened.

    Police then made contact with the woman’s roommate. The roommate said she was woken up on March 8 around 5 a.m. by the woman yelling at a man. She said she could not identify the man because it was dark in the room.

    The women said they did not wish to press charges. They only wanted the incident documented.

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