Iggy Azalea represents the Renaissance brand of female rapper

Iggy Azalea represents the Renaissance brand of female rapper

Casey Lewandrowski

The rap game is ever-changing. Hundreds of EPs, albums and mixtapes drop every year, challenging artists to find a unique way to make themselves stand out against the competition. The 5-foot-10 platinum blond bombshell, Iggy Azalea, has cultivated a distinct image and sound that sets her apart.

Born in Australia as Amethyst Kelly, she ran away from home at age 16 and came to the United States with dreams of starting a rap career. Since arriving, 22-year-old Azalea has tried her hand at various jobs in the entertainment industry, including signing with Wilhelmina Models International Inc. in June 2012.

Releasing her first mixtape in September 2011, Azalea attracted attention with her single “PU$$Y.” Catchy and provocative, this track showcases her aggressive, seductive flow. With her suggestive and unforgettable lyrics she grabbed the attention of head of Grand Hustle Records, rapper T.I.

In March 2012, T.I. signed Azalea to Grand Hustle Records and currently, the southern rapper is grooming Azalea and helping to produce her first album. The album, titled The New Classic, is set to drop during the summer of 2013.

Azalea’s first mixtape Ignorant Art is unique. Sampling songs such as “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band and “Last Night” by Niki & The Dove, Azalea proves that her background isn’t the only thing about her — her taste in off-kilter samples has helped to define her sound.

In her music and music videos, Azalea shows that she is consistent and animated, a combination that forces listeners to pay attention. Since her first mixtape, she has also released an EP titled Glory and another mixtape titled TrapGold.

In examining Azalea’s style, it’s clear that she employs an interesting technique in order to be taken seriously in the rap game. Naming songs like “Bac 2 Tha Future” and “Me, Myself, My Money,” Azalea overcompensates in a comical way that usually makes other rappers sound ignorant, but ironically enough makes this rookie more legitimate.

This Aussie is the definition of an outsider, which makes her a particularly interesting rapper to watch out for in the coming years. She is paving the way in the rap industry not only for women, but for foreign rappers looking to break into the American market.