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    ‘Blew of A’

    In a February 2006 SexTalk, a student question read: “”My roommate says that once she gave her boyfriend twenty blowjobs in two days and he came every time. I say that’s impossible. Who’s right?””

    In a different SexTalk, the question read: “”During oral sex my partner never finishes the deal which makes it very unsatisfying. How can I persuade her to wrap things up in a joyful manner?””

    We’re guessing that over the years, some things may change, but people will still continue to indulge in oral sex.

    The Arizona Daily Wildcat surveyed students about tips, tricks, praises, chides, dos and don’ts for what Urban Dictionary calls, “”the thing most preferred by males apart from intercourse,”” and “”what happens to experimental 12-year-old boys if left alone around a vacuum cleaner for extended periods of time.”” Here’s what we found:

    Do not: Be afraid to get into it. Part of a good blowjob is knowing that the person you are with is enjoying it too. Students said to remember that it’s all about having fun.

    What students say —  “”Act like you want to do it.””

    — Brandon, UA sophomore

    Do not: Use too much teeth.

    A penis is not a pack of gum. Ease up on the bite.

    What students say — “”It makes you want to hit her in the head (when there’s too much teeth). I tried to battle through it, but it was just too much. At that point, I had to tell her to open her mouth a little.””

    — Garrett, UA sophomore

    Do: Get a little playful.

    There’s more to the act than just the obvious. Don’t be afraid to explore the region — balls and all.

    What students say — “”Tickle their balls while you are doing it. They love it.””

    — Anita, UA freshman

    Do not: Be afraid to talk it up and show your partner a little love.

    Everyone likes positive reinforcement and between the sheets is no exception. Feel free to shout out what you like, don’t like or how good of a job they’re doing.

    What students say — “”Compliments, yeah, compliments are always good.””

    — Brandon, UA sophomore

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