“On the Spot: Robbie Skolnik, Secretary of Zeta Bet Tau fraternity”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

I am sure a lot of people are really confused as to what this big ball being rolled around the Mall is.

So this big ball … basically what we did was we went around to a bunch of local sponsors and they agreed to donate about 5-25 cents for every signature we get on this ball, and all the proceeds go directly to the Tucson branch of Children’s Miracle Network.

Are you guys going to be playing beach volleyball?

If you want to play beach volleyball, go right ahead. Be my guest with this thing!

What is something you really want to do with this ball? Anything?

So many things. What I really want to do is go to the top of the hill and be like “”Yo, whoever this ball hits has to sign it,”” and just roll it down the hill. Kickball would be cool, but I think it would break my foot.

What are you doing to prepare for your summer body?

Gym, swimming … clearly I’m ripped.

You gotta’ get the sex curves going.

Oh I got those, can’t you tell?