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    Police Beat

    Police cite several students at Sky View
    Police were called to Sky View Apartments last Friday by a resident assistant who reported smelling marijuana.

    After police entered, they could not smell marijuana coming from the room to which they were directed. They did, however, hear music and loud voices. They knocked on the door and announced that they were from the University of Arizona Police Department, and asked the students to open the door.

    A man answered and told officers he had six friends visiting him from Arizona State University who were staying in his room. Officers saw two hookahs on the table in the room and asked to come in. The man told officers the hookahs were used to smoke tobacco.

    The officers asked if there was any alcohol in the room. The student admitted that there were two half-empty bottles in the fridge. Police questioned the friends, who agreed with the student’s story.

    He was advised of Arizona state law and the UA Residence Life policies. The bottles were emptied on scene, and the hookahs were taken to the student’s car in order to comply with UA policies. The student was verbally warned about having alcohol underage and referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    As police were leaving Sky View after a call, they encountered two intoxicated females.

    Police were leaving the building when they saw two females get out of a taxi around 11:05 p.m. last Friday.

    They watched the two women, who stumbled and swayed as they walked toward the front entrance. Officers then saw one of the women suddenly stop, bend over at the waist and throw up on the sidewalk. They made contact with the women after this.

    The females identified themselves and said they would answer questions. Each of the women had bloodshot, watery eyes and smelled strongly of intoxicants. They told officers they were heading home from a party at a fraternity house, but refused to identify which one.

    One of the women then admitted that they were “”drinking at that frat”” and said that both of them just wanted to go to sleep. Both of the women had slurred speech and were slow to respond to police. They were cited and released for minor in possession of alcohol. One of the women was referred to the Dean of Students Office for a code of conduct violation. The other one was not referred, because she is a student from the University of Colorado.

    Woman found unconscious, sent to UMC for treatment
    Police responded to help the Tucson Fire Department Friday evening.

    Police were on the scene to assist a call that an RA had placed to the Tucson Fire Department. Police met TFD in Coronado Residence Hall.

    They were checking on a female who was lying on the bathroom floor and appeared to be passed out. She had also been vomiting earlier, according to reports.

    The RA said he had seen her on the floor while he was doing his rounds around 10 p.m. and called TFD after the woman was unresponsive. The woman was incoherent and unable to provide any information to officers.

    She was transported to UMC for treatment.

    Her name was sent to the Dean of Students Office for diversion.

    Officer cites two for possession of marijuana
    A police aide observed a group of people smoking a questionable substance outside of La Paz Residence Hall on Friday.

    The police aide said she saw a group of people at a table in the parking lot area east of La Paz. She approached the location and said there was a smell of burned marijuana. The aide also noted that the subjects were smoking the unknown substance from a cigarette-like wrapping.

    UAPD was called to respond to the scene. While the aide was waiting for UAPD, two Caucasian males who had been standing near the table began walking south and left the scene. When an officer arrived, he noted that there were seven students at the table. As he talked with the students, reports say he smelled a strong odor of burned marijuana. The officer asked the people if anyone had been smoking marijuana. They all said no.

    Reports said that the strong smell of marijuana made the officer sure that there was still some present. He gathered the information of all the students and ran background checks; they had no warrants. The officer told the students that if he could not figure out who had been smoking marijuana, all of them would be arrested or sent to diversion programs. One of the students responded by telling the group that the officer was just using this as a “”ploy.””

    Finally, all consented to having their mouths and eyes evaluated to see if they showed signs that they had smoked marijuana. Only two of the students showed positive signs. One admitted to smoking, saying that the roach was his. The other student said he was taking antidepressants for anxiety. All of the students were warned, and the man who admitted to smoking and owning the roach was cited and released.

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