Staff Picks

Arizona at Stanford

Bryan Roy, assistant sports editor:
The legendary status of David Hasselhoff at Arizona Stadium continues to propel the Wildcats to their best start since most of us were in middle school. Stanford always brings a dangerous wild card performance to the gridiron, but the nerds can’t stop the Tuitama-Gronkowski threshold. As a Hollywood couple, they would be Tuitowski.

Arizona 34, Stanford 14

Lance Madden, sports editor:
The 2008-09 Tempe 12: Girls of the Pac-10 calendars were recently released and guess what? There’s no Stanford representative. Nine Pac-10 schools are represented and even a model from Santa Clara University shows up as Ms. July. But there is no Stanford and – get this – two Wildcat models. Word on the street is that the Stanford model bailed out because she was going to be embarrassed by the Cardinal loss to Arizona.

Arizona 38, Stanford 20

Brian Kimball, assistant sports editor:
In a battle of mascots, Arizona wins hands down. A freaking tree? Seriously?! In a battle of the classrooms, Stanford would most definitely exercise its superior cranial abilities in a way that followers of the untamed felines would be unable to comprehend. Thankfully for us, this weekend’s contest is a football game – something Stanford hasn’t exactly excelled at over the years even though the Cardinal beat Arizona in Tucson last year. This year it’s the revenge on the nerds.

Arizona 42, Stanford 17

No. 5 Texas vs. No. 1 Oklahoma

Bryan Roy, assistant sports editor:
A simple Facebook search for Sam Bradford resulted in his own gaudy “”Become a fan”” page. Not that we’re not fans, but this kid is a college athlete, not a superstar phenom worthy of having his own Facebook fan site. So while the Longhorns are watching game tape and going over plays, Bradford is probably soaking in his own love bath online.

Texas 27, Oklahoma 21

Lance Madden, sports editor:
Earlier this week had on its front page a photo of a very confused fan: The right side of her face was painted crimson with a cream-colored OU logo. The left was painted burnt orange with a white Longhorn logo. This is the epitome of an idiot. This is one of the best college rivalries out there. Pick a damn side. True Arizona fans wouldn’t also wear Sun Devil gear, now would they?

America 1, Stupid woman with painted face 0

Brian Kimball, assistant sports editor:
I think this game, despite being billed as a close game, could end up like an incident in a Norman bar last year. A Texas fan wore his burnt orange gear into the bar. A Sooner fan took umbrage to that fact and swiftly grabbed his genitals. Later on, the Texas man needed more than 40 stitches to repair his scrote bag. And OU has 41 conference titles compared to Texas’ 27 so . . . BOOMER!

Oklahoma 41, Texas 27