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    A Cheap Night Out

    Most college students have at some time hit the point where their bank accounts have no more to give. And a lack of cash flow sure doesn’t help when they’re trying to pull some tail.

    The WildLife staff has suffered through the same pain, and we’ve come up with a few inexpensive ways for you to entertain your date (be it a girl or a guy) and your friends.

    WARNING: These tips are prone to be successful and amusing, and therefore may provoke repetition.

    photos by Jacob Rader and Djamila Grossman

    ‘I know what boys like’

    Keeping a date inexpensive and fun is a tough task that requires making use of the surrounding environment and, in most cases, breaking a few laws.

    First up, dining in style. The secret to treating your date to a nice meal on a budget isn’t always whipping up a home-cooked feast or scouring through a coupon book. If you’re not afraid of germs, the best plan is to find an upscale restaurant with slow service and hijack leftovers from other tables. Check out Caruso’s on Fourth Avenue – its notoriously slow service will give you and your date ample time to score a delicious five-course Italian meal on the house. And if you don’t like the options left on the other plates, you can always dine-and-dash.

    Drinks are often the most costly part of an evening. Including tips, a round of cheap beers at a bar can often set you back $5-10, and drinking on the go is difficult with those stingy open-container laws. Never fear: Try a Jack and Coke, Tucson-style. Stop by a local convenience store and get a one-liter bottle of soda, a small bottle of whiskey, mix and enjoy. It’s a night of drinks packed into an innocuous soda container. After all, alcohol is the great social lubricant, and sharing a drink may lead to a magical kiss.

    By now you two are probably getting a little sleepy, but you can’t head back to your dorm because your roommate is having another Bible study session. Grab a couple of pillows, sleeping bags and some rations, and make your way over to the Main Library. Stowaway in one of the study rooms on the top floor until the place closes for the night (9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday). After the lights go out, treat your date to one of the most spectacular views in Tucson. If you get a little hungry, make a quick fire with some of those expensive old books nobody reads and roast some smores – a delicious way to cap off a romantic evening.

    Guys like someone who will cut loose and break the rules. Although getting a felony may drive some men away, at least it guarantees a second date together (even if it is in court).

    How to appeal to a girl

    Note to all guys: It really doesn’t take a Tiffany’s necklace and a ritzy restaurant to please us. In fact, most of the time, the simplest dates are the most memorable. All it takes for a cheap night out is a little prepping and planning.

    Sure, it would be nice to take your date and stroll on the beach while enjoying a sunset. Well, surprise! Tucson is beautiful, too. Gates Pass is a lookout and tourist stop that usually is very private for sunset watching. The mountains in the far west present the perfect backdrop, and your girl will appreciate your keen sense of serenity.

    From campus, take Speedway Boulevard west about 12 miles. There are signs indicating the lookout spot on the right-hand side of the road. Always make sure to check when the sun will set!

    After taking in the sun’s rays, ditch dining out – cook for her yourself! No matter what, food, especially if homemade, will always win a girl over. Yet, some gourmet recipes are confusing and end up disastrous. Try something simple like soup or pasta, or even a frozen pizza – just make sure you stay away from the Totino’s, it might only be $1 at Safeway, but it’s that cheap for a reason. Make sure to find at least one candle for the table and, please, no paper products! Bust out that dinnerware you never use. Always remember, less is more.

    ‘It’s ladies night’

    Dane Cook put it best when he said, “”Let’s go dance tonight! Let’s just stand in a circle around our shoes and our pocketbooks and let’s just dance.””

    If the goal for the week is to have a fun, cheap girl’s night when it’s possible to just “”dance it out,”” look no further than Wednesday nights at Cactus Moon.

    The bar, 5470 E. Broadway Blvd., plays host to ladies night, offering a $2 cover charge and a live DJ from local radio station KRQQ.

    Of course, the best part of the night isn’t either of those things. It’s the cheap alcohol.

    Although the line can be ridiculously long, it is definitely worth the wait. Specialty drinks for ladies are 50 cents until 10 p.m. and $1.50 from 10 p.m. until close. The bartenders are friendly and fairly quick, too. Just don’t get a newbie because they usually try to tip themselves.

    Girls who love to dance also have the opportunity to earn $100. Just pick up a number at the front door, pin it on and bust it out on the dance floor. Ten girls have the opportunity to win each week.

    Can’t head out to the bars because of the age factor? It’s still possible to have a fun time with a girl’s night in.

    Consider having one of the girls host a girls night at her place. Simply pick a theme and wing it. Making it game- or movie-centered is always a fun way to hang out without breaking the bank.

    To keep it cheap, guests can bring their favorite foods or beverages of choice to share. That way everyone has something to eat or drink that they like, and the host doesn’t spend too much money.

    Group time equals fun time!

    There comes a point when you need a break from the Fourth Avenue scene. Usually this occurs when you’ve gone out to some bar there every weekend for the past two months. Often, this is a package deal, because not only are you burnt out but you are also running low on cash.

    Getting some friends together to go bowling can solve this dreadful dilemma.

    That’s right, many bowling alleys in town have great deals that involve cheap entertainment and drinks.

    Golden Pin Lanes, 1010 W. Miracle Mile Strip, is one of those alleys. This inexpensive stop provides you with an old-fashioned dark bowling alley atmosphere, and the cool mood is complimented by low prices.

    As prices vary throughout the week, the best night to hit up the lanes is Thursday. Between 9:30-12:30 p.m., there is a $5 cover and $1 for shoe rentals. Also, during that time drinks are only 50 cents. (It is important to note that this special includes beer.)

    Although Golden Pin Lanes has great drink specials, it’s also necessary to score some cheap eats.

    After you’ve had enough bowling, check out El Guero Canelo, 2480 N. Oracle Road. The restaurant is only a short drive from the alley and offers some pretty mouth-watering selections at low prices.

    The most popular order is its hot dog, which is wrapped in bacon and topped with mayo, relish, mustard, tomatoes and beans, all on a sweet bun. But there are plenty of other options that are just as good. El Guero Canelo is cheap, open until midnight and probably one of Tucson’s best-kept secrets.

    A night filled with bowling, drinks and food is just what you need to stay entertained at a low price.

    By Andrew Austin, Laura Hassett, Kara Slack and Allison Warren

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