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    Police Beat

    No suspects in theft of acrylic panels

    Two acrylic panels were stolen from the Campbell Farms location of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The panels were worth $400 each. There were no signs of a break-in, and they were stored in a place that only employees have access to. Police have no suspects at this time.

    Sleeping man caught trespassing

    A man was found asleep under a tree in the southeast corner of a parking lot on Cherry Avenue at 2:21 PM last Wednesday. Police woke the man up, who said he had fallen asleep after drinking half a quart of beer.

    A records check revealed that he had been served an Exclusionary Order, which prevented him from being on UA property. He was arrested for criminal trespassing, cited and released at the scene.

    Police find marijuana in dorm

    An officer responded to a report of the smell of marijuana coming from a room in the Pueblo de la Cienega Residence Hall. When police knocked on the door, a student opened and said it was all right for the officers to enter. The officer informed the student that he was there to discuss why there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the room, and the student responded that he did not know what the officer was talking about.

    When the officer asked if he could search the room, the student responded, “”Yeah, go ahead. I ain’t got nothing to hide.”” The officers located a backpack under the student’s bed that contained two baggies of marijuana, a digital scale and a glass pipe with what appeared to be marijuana residue. The officers read the student his Miranda Rights.

    They asked what the scale was for and the student replied, “”I don’t know.”” When asked to whom he was selling the marijuana, the student put the palms of his hands on his eyes and asked if he could call his mom.

    When asked if he was selling marijuana, the student replied “”no”” and said he did not want to answer any more questions. The student was handcuffed and taken to Pima County Jail, where he was booked for possession of marijuana for sale under two pounds. The marijuana and paraphernalia were placed into evidence.

    Student reports assault in Coronado

    Police responded to an assault victim last Wednesday at 11:11 PM in the Coronado Residence Hall. The victim reported that as he was walking on the 8th floor, six men around 19 years old were screaming and causing a disturbance. The victim was rushed by one of the males, who was wearing plaid shorts and no shirt.

    The victim was knocked to the ground and sustained two carpet burn injuries while the other males continued to yell at him. The victim said that he did not know who the males were and could not identify them if he saw them again. He refused medical attention and did not want to press charges.

    Minors caught in possession of alcohol

    Police stopped a white vehicle containing a male driver and two male passengers at 11:22 PM last Wednesday turning south onto Park Avenue without its headlights on. Officers observed a case of beer in the back seat of the car, and a driver’s license check of the occupants revealed that the driver was 19 years old and the passengers were 20 years old. The officers read the occupants their Miranda Rights.

    One passenger stated that the beer was his, and the other occupants had nothing to do with it. The other passenger showed signs and symptoms of alcohol consumption and admitted that he had been drinking a few beers that evening. He was arrested on charges of Minor with Spirituous Liquor in Body, and the other passenger was arrested on charges of Minor in Possession of Spirituous Liquor.

    Both were cited and released on the scene, and the beer was confiscated and destroyed.

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