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    Police Beat: Dec. 1

    Wasted Wildcat thwarted at game

    University of Arizona Police Department officers were at Arizona Stadium on Nov. 21 at 4:15 p.m. when they observed an apparently intoxicated male who was trying to enter the stadium to watch the football game.

    Officers made contact with the man and observed that he had bloodshot eyes and the strong odor of intoxicants coming from his mouth as he spoke. The man was escorted to the Mobile Command Post where he was administered a blood alcohol content test. The man’s BAC was approximately .206.

    He was cited on charges of minor with spirituous liquor in the body and he was advised not to return to the stadium that evening. Officers called a taxicab to transport the man to his home.

    Perhaps peeing in public not sharp idea

    UAPD officers were in the area of Martin Avenue and University Boulevard on Nov. 21 at 4:45 p.m. when they observed a man standing in front of a fence and urinating. The man had his back to officers and there was a puddle at his feet.

    As officers approached, the man turned around and made contact with them. Officers observed that the man’s penis was exposed and he had a wet spot on the front of his pants. The man told police he had been trying to light a cigarette.

    He was cited on charges of criminal littering and released on scene.

    Aggrevated Arizona football fan fights with Duck

    UAPD officers were inside Arizona Stadium on Nov. 21 at approximately 6:25 p.m. when they heard numerous people yelling about an altercation.

    Officers observed several people detaining a male Arizona fan and several more people detaining a male Oregon fan. Officers approached the area and spoke with witnesses who told them that the two men had been arguing and pushing each other and were possibly preparing to fight.

    Officers asked the Arizona fan to return to his seat and advised the Oregon fan to stay where he was at, hoping to defuse the situation. Instead, the Oregon fan became agitated, claiming that UAPD officers were attempting to kick him out of the game. Officers reassured the man that they were not going to ask him to leave but were only allowing the Arizona fan ample time to return to his section.

    The man became even more belligerent and officers felt that the man was trying to threaten and intimidate them. At one point, the man began to approach officers in a threatening manner. He was escorted outside of the stadium and advised that due to his disorderly behavior, he was being asked to leave the premises.

    He was escorted out of the stadium and his tickets were confiscated. Once outside, the man claimed that an unknown man had assaulted him and taken a green foam finger from him. He claimed the unidentified man grabbed him by the neck stole the foam finger, and then ran off. Officers checked the area around where the man reported the incident had occurred, but were unable to locate any suspects or any foam fingers.

    Drugged or drunk? Friends say no foul play.

    UAPD officers received a phone call on Nov. 21 at 8:57 p.m. from the father of a female student. The man expressed his concern that his daughter may have been sexually assaulted. Officers then responded to the Villa Del Puente Residence Hall to check on the woman’s welfare. Officers arrived on scene, made contact with the woman, and asked what had happened. She told police that she did not remember much about the day and she was concerned because she had never before experienced memory loss as a result of drinking alcohol. She told police that when she had woken up in the Villa Del Puente, she was not wearing any underwear and this also concerned her. She was able to tell police that she had been to several fraternity houses, including Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Chi, as well as a friend’s room at the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall, before finally returning to Villa Del Puente. She admitted that she had consumed multiple drinks containing alcohol, along with several energy drinks, and had vomited at Villa Del Puente. Officers could detect the odor of intoxicants coming from her mouth as she spoke.

    She was afraid that she might have been drugged and stated that she felt that might have been the reason she was unable to remember anything. Officers spoke with the woman’s friends and they stated that the woman never left their sight. They confirmed the places where the woman had been but admitted that they felt the woman had simply consumed too much alcohol.

    They also admitted that they were skeptical that the woman had been drugged, as they had shared several drinks with her but did not exhibit any of the same symptoms. They then told police that the woman had intentionally neglected to wear underwear because she was concerned about them showing through her dress.

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