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    “On the spot: David Didonato, architecture freshman”

    Do you like Arizona as a school?

    I do. I like Arizona as a school.

    Does anything about it piss you off?

    The state. I like Arizona as a school, not a state. They’re too harsh here.

    OK, what exactly do you mean by that?

    They arrest everybody for everything. You can’t do anything here. Back in California you could, you know, you could have a lot better of a time because you didn’t have to worry about the police so much. Here they’re just hassling you.

    Anything specific?

    Not necessarily. Like, they more just hassle you. They don’t necessarily, like, arrest you, but the police are definitely out to get you here. In Cali they’re not. In Cali they’re out to protect you.

    So if you could pick a fight with anybody on campus, who would it be?

    If I could pick a fight and it had no consequences?


    (Laughs) The police.

    Would you take on the police chief, a random cop or maybe the dude who gives out parking tickets?

    Probably the police chief if I was completely immune from punishment. That way I could say I started a fight with a police officer and got off scot-free.

    Would you take anything extra to the battle or just go man-on-man?

    I’d go man-on-man and fist-on-fist. I think it’s kind of a cheap trick to bring something into a fight.

    Have you been busted by the cops since you got here?

    I’ve had my room raided by the police.

    That sucks. What were you doing?

    I wasn’t doing anything. I won’t comment.

    OK, that’s cool man. Did you guys make it into Police Beat?

    We did not. I was the only one that was there when the room got searched, my roommates were gone. I did not wind up getting sent to general population. But they searched the room and they searched the living shit out of it.

    Did you guys get caught with some weed or what?

    They didn’t. They found four empty 40s and an empty bottle of Captain.

    All right, that’s not so bad. Looks like the man is just trying to keep you down.

    Yeah, for sure. Like, they weren’t even my 40s and it wasn’t my Captain.

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