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    “On the spot: Valeria Duenas, political science freshman”

    What year were you born?


    Really? See, now that’s weird to me. I was born in 1986 and it kind of creeps me out that people born in the ‘90s are in college. It just makes me feel old, ya know? So now I’m going to try and make you feel old.

    (Laughs) OK, go ahead.

    Have you heard of the movie “”The Matrix?””


    Well, it came out 10 years ago.


    That doesn’t surprise you that it’s already been 10 years since that came out?

    Yeah, that is a little surprising.

    But it looks like you didn’t really get into that movie that much.

    Mmm, not too much, no.

    I kind of figured that. But how about this one. When you were just a little baby, do you remember watching “”Rugrats”” on Nickelodeon?


    One of the best shows of my childhood, guaranteed. Who was your favorite character?

    Uh, I think his name was Chuckie. He had curly red hair.

    Yup, good ol’ Chuckie. But you don’t have any love for little Tommy Pickles or what?

    No, I don’t remember all the characters’ names.

    Well, can you believe that Tommy Pickles and Chuckie Finster are just one year older than you and they could, in theory, be college students right now?

    No. (Pauses) Wow, that’s crazy.

    Yeah. Now I bet that makes you feel old, huh?

    That makes me feel quite old actually.

    What else makes you feel old while you’re still young?

    Well I turn 19 in November, but we were just talking about my birthday and I feel old now. I remember being a kid and seeing my sister’s older friends and they were turning 19 and I thought, “”They’re so old. They’re almost 20.””


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