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    Column: Trump’s the environment’s best friend

    Dave Granlund/

    Trump has almost waged a one-man war against the environment and the safety of the American people by trashing environmental protection laws and safety regulations for the American worker. By doing this Trump says he is “creating jobs,” yet all he is doing is increasing corporate profit by lowering production costs in certain industries.

    President Donald Trump, a man who has run off a platform of xenophobia and the creation of jobs, has never been too keen on environmental issues. 

    Trump was a big advocate for the coal miners in his campaign, promising West Virginia workers their jobs back. However, what Trump has done in the mining industry has been far from helping the worker in any manner. 

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    Trump signed a bill in February allowing mines to dump waste in streams and hollows of the mountains in these communities. Trump said this was “another terrible, job-killing rule” and continued to persist arguing that by lowering the cost on these corporations jobs would be created.  In reality, all this law has done is poison mountain streams and increase big coal profits. 

    Coal was not the only pie Trump had his finger in during the campaign. Oil and gas companies were huge donors to Trump. 

    Many people are aware of the controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, and many people stood together through police brutality and wrongful arrests at Standing Rock in the Dakotas. Trump issued an executive order in January for the pipeline to be built, in turn opening up the possibility of potentially poisoning the water sources in nearby areas and directly violating the sacred rights, history and well being of the Standing Rock people.

    Trump has also had a bonanza of a time with pesticide regulations. 

    EPA chemical safety experts have advised against the use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos. Research shows this pesticide can cause brain damage in children and farm workers even at very low exposure to the chemical. Since DOW Chemical Company has argued the chemical is safe. 

    Our new EPA administrator, the Oklahoma attorney general famous for fighting against the EPA on behalf of big oil, has pretty much said he could give less than a flying fuck about the consequences of the chemical’s use and fully opposes the ban.

    Pruitt, as well as Trump, questions the existence of global warming as a whole. Pruitt once stated on CNN that the impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Ozone is “unclear,”  contradicting countless studies by both American and international scientists.

    Pruitt and the EPA, who would be in favor of removing the dome from Springfield, are still the least of our concerns. 

    Trump has slipped in a bill that looks to eradicate the EPA by the end of 2018. For a man who claims his sole purpose is “creating jobs,” he sure loves to destroy jobs that do work he disagrees with. 

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    The “build that wall” chant has been a war cry for Trump supporters since the very beginning. Though they probably are completely apathetic to the fact or have not even an inkling of how great an environmental strain this would cause in the border lands. 

    Stretching from the America’s finest city to Brownsville, this wall crosses the beautiful Sonoran desert and the mighty Rio Grande. This wall will affect the migration patterns of many animals and likely completely fail to keep clever drug smugglers and undocumented immigrants from digging under or going over the wall. Trump now holds in his hands the fates of all animals in the federal wildlife refuges in Alaska. 

    The Senate has just passed on a 52-47 vote to allow hunting tactics like killing hibernating bears and cubs in their dens and the hunting of predator animals from airplanes. This could throw off the balance of predators in the last true frontier and threaten to destabilize the ecosystem.   

    What has been outlined here is a short list of how the Trump administration has attacked the environment. Trump as the commander in chief holds a lot of power, and with great power comes great responsibility. We can only hope he realizes this responsibility.

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