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    “Police Beat can be bizarre, but it’s based on the facts”

    Friday, November 9, 1984

    Since its appearance in 1981, Police Beat, the Arizona Daily Wildcat’s record of campus crime, has gained a following among readers in the university community.

    In addition to keeping readers aware of local crime—Police Beat was closely read during a rash of Volkswagen-radio and computer thefts this tear—the log created minor celebrity status for students mentioned in the incidents and often provides a few chuckles for readers.

    “”I read it to see if I know anybody,”” said David Kiline, editor of the Desert Yearbook.

    “”First think I read is Bloom County and Police Beat,”” said political-science sophomore Antony Harper. “”I like to see the silly things that the police do.””

    “”It’s funny to hear the dumb things people do. It’s the highlight of the papers,”” said Kristy Holmes, a nursing sophomore.

    “”The one about the prune danishes was amusing or the one about the woman who reported someone who was eating her peanut utter. She could tell because several crackers were missing and she found crumbs in the peanut butter jar,”” said Brian A. Seastone, UA police information officer.

    “”We wish all the reports could be funny and amusing but there are those few reports of rapes and assaults,”” he said.

    As the Wildcat’s current Police Beat reporter, I have taken it upon myself to selecting “”The Best of Police Beat,”” all of which came from police reports.

    ·      In September 1983, a foil-wrapped baked potato was lobbed through a window.

    ·      In October 1983, a live chicken was “”at large”” in the Main Library.

    ·      In October 1983, a woman was squirted with mustard in front of the Student Union Memorial Building as a Toyota pickup truck drove by.

    ·      In October 1983, a woman was given an assault citation after she hit another woman trying to defend her daughter from a dog who wanted to eat her English muffin.

    ·      In October 1983, a UA student was hit in the jaw when he failed to return class notes to his friend.

    ·      In October 1983, police were unable to verify a report of a man allegedly yelling obscenities to women in Sonora Hall because they were wearing head phones at the time.

    ·      In November 1983, Wilbur the Wildcat’s go-cart was allegedly stolen by a UA student and driven through the postgame crowd.

    ·      In November 1983, pornographic material was received by a UA student who said he never ordered it.

    ·      In March 1984, after yelling at officers over a $5 parking ticket, a man was arrested for disorderly conduct.

    ·      In April 1984, a man was punched in the face by a student who apparently wanted his parking space.

    ·      In August 1984, a woman was pelted by an unripe orange.

    A point of interest that many students may not realize is that Police Beat reports are factual occurrences.

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