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    On The Spot

    We scoped out undeclared freshman Mike Southworth in a Hillary shirt for Saturday’s Clinton rally.

    Wildcat: Hi, you’re on the spot. What do you think about Ross Perot’s unsuccessful bid at the White House in ’92?

    Southworth: I think that it’s good that he’s in the campaign because in our country, it’s showing that everyone can get a vote. But I think that once it gets down to the general election that he’s essentially taking away votes from either of the other candidates. But, in a democracy we have to let everyone equally run for it.

    W: What about John Anderson’s bid? Same thing?

    S: I don’t know who that is.

    W: Oh, he ran in the ’80s. He was just a pivotal figure.

    S: It’s the same thing. It’s a democracy so it’s good that they’re allowed to be in there, but I think once it gets down to the general election, they’re stealing away votes.

    W: Who was your favorite president before 1800?

    S: George Washington?

    W: Why?

    S: It was just symbolic because he was the first president of the U.S.

    W: Do you think Hillary could be in a sense, the first president?

    S: Yeah.

    W: If Hillary’s elected, how do you expect her to court the leprosy vote?

    S: What do you mean by that?

    W: Because they’re a minority and they’re not really noticed in general elections and no one really talks about it. I’m just trying to bring up different issues that other people haven’t talked about.

    S: What is leprosy?

    W: It’s just a skin disease.

    S: I’m sure she would support rights for them or finding cures. Just like anything else.

    W: Who has a better nose? Obama or Hillary?

    S: Hillary.

    W: What Republican has the best nose?

    S: Mitt Romney?

    W: Why?

    S: He’s the least ugly out of all the candidates. He’s the youngest.

    W: What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

    S: Club sandwich.

    – Andi Berlin

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