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    Stay calm as the end of semester approaches: Tips to avoid stress

    Robert Alcaraz / Arizona Daily Wildcat

    Thousands of other students have made it through the end of a semester and you will too. Just remember to relax and keep your head on your shoulders. Here are a few handy tips to reduce stress when you need it most:

    Scheduling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay on top of things. If you haven’t learned that by this point in the semester, it may be too late. For those of you who are already pretty good at scheduling, just remember to keep it up. Look up the time and dates of your final exams so they don’t catch you off guard. It is always better to be prepared sooner than later.

    If you don’t sleep, you will die. If you don’t begin to get into a regular sleep schedule you may find yourself freaking out more than you should be. There is nothing better for helping the mind recuperate from a strenuous day of mental labor than a good night’s sleep. Cutting back on the late night activities may sting a bit, but it’s really only three weeks out of the entire semester.

    Everyone has a preferred work space. If you haven’t found yours yet, now is a perfect time to decide on a quiet place where you can either get away and focus. If you can work well at home and stay focused for the long periods of time the end of the semester workload requires, you are one of the lucky few. For those of us not gifted with the ability of focusing at home, there are lots of places around campus, such as the basement of the Main Library and most floors of the engineering library. Seek out lesser-known spots, such as the library in the Arizona State Museum, the School of Music library and the top floor of the Student Union.

    At this point in the semester you may be feeling mentally exhausted. Don’t give up. You have made it this far, and you can make it to the end. Just keep the glorious holiday that is winter break in mind as you spend painstaking hours in the library writing essays and studying for exams — remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After these final weeks you won’t have to worry about school for a long while, unless you’re a poor soul taking a winter course.

    Scheduling is important, but don’t forget to schedule in some free time. If you don’t, you will absolutely go insane. You aren’t robots, you’re college students. It is inevitable that you will go out, but make sure it is a time that won’t be detrimental to your schoolwork. Getting plastered the night before a big test may not be the best idea, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying a Friday night out.

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