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    Bush bias doesn’t justify bashing military
    In response to Yusra Tekbali’s column, “”When death is not murder,”” Ms. Tekbali does every man and woman who currently serves or has served in the U.S. Military a grave disservice. There is no comparison between the conduct of the U.S. Military and other occupying/invading forces, present or past.

    Ms. Tekbali is most likely too young to remember anything significant about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the mass atrocities committed by Iraqi soldiers and sanctioned by their Commander in Chief, Saddam Hussein.

    The important thing is that these Marines, if guilty, will be held accountable and punished severely.

    I think something very bad happened at Haditha, but even if it did, it doesn’t make every allegation of misconduct credible.

    Hatred for the Bush administration does not justify the insinuation that the U.S. Military is as bad as the insurgents it fights. The vast majority of the men and women who serve our country develop far more integrity and genuine compassion for their fellow human beings in six months than 95 percent of people who spend four years on daddy’s dime being brainwashed with far-left ideology.

    Don’t believe everything you read in the New York Times, Ms. Tekbali. Get out and talk to a soldier who has recently returned from Iraq. Ask the soldier about his or her experiences, why he or she went and what he or she hoped to accomplish. Then, see if you can hold the soldier in contempt.

    Christopher J. Davis
    Arizona State University alumnus

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