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    Do ghosts love it at Levitz?

    Sam Levitz Furniture has more than just brand name furniture at low warehouse prices. It has a ghost.
    Sam Levitz Furniture has more than just ‘brand name furniture at low warehouse prices.’ It has a ghost.

    Tucson Spotlight

    Believe it or not, ghosts exist in Tucson.

    The good news is that most ghosts are harmless, and according to one haunted Tucson furniture store, they are not bothersome.

    The haunted location is the warehouse attached to the Sam Levitz Furniture store, 3430 E. 36th St. Ghost sightings have taken place for the past six years in the area of the warehouse where furniture is stacked on racks towering 70 feet high.

    Tommy Guerrero, the store’s lead security supervisor, has known about the ghost for a few years.

    According to Guerrero, about six years ago an employee was on the top rack and fell backwards trying to pull out a mirror. He died instantly because he was not wearing the mandatory safety lanyard.

    “”Supposedly this guy was a real jerk, and was warned many times about wearing his safety lanyard,”” said Guerrero. “”He fell onto his back pretty hard and died here on site.””

    Employees that work the early morning shifts around 4 or 5 a.m. have witnessed the spirit of the man who tragically died. One security guard, who recently started working at Sam Levitz, has had a few problems with this ghost.

    “”I’ve come in the mornings and seen furniture off the racks and on the ground, like somebody pushed it off the top rack in the middle of the night,”” said Michael Gregg. “”It’s a real hassle to have to pick up, and sometimes the furniture breaks.””

    Guerrero opens the store early and for the first hour is completely alone. One morning he was in the office and heard loud footsteps down below in the warehouse.

    “”I knew that I was the only one here, so it had to be him,”” Guerrero said. “”It doesn’t bother me, but I guess he still thinks he is at work.””

    In the warehouse are 15 gigantic racks where multiple couches, chairs and tables are precisely stacked. This is a colossal warehouse and overwhelming in height.

    It is possible that the employee who fell to his death thinks he is still working, according to local psychic and astrologer Stephanie St Claire.

    “”Ghosts are spirits who died oftentimes suddenly or tragically and don’t know that they are dead, and so they just kind of hang around,”” St Claire said.

    St Claire has worked with ghosts for 30 years and specializes in removing spirits.

    She has been on multiple radio shows and worked on the Biography channel’s show “”Dead Famous.”” St Claire knows of multiple areas in Tucson where ghosts live, such as Hotel Congress, where they have occasionally been spotted.

    Although St Claire has never been to the Sam Levitz warehouse, she claims it isn’t a rarity to witness the ghost of a person who has passed away, especially if it is a traumatic death.

    “”The ghost at Sam Levitz is trapped like the needle on an old fashion broken record, stuck in the same spot, doing the same thing over and over again,”” St Claire said. “”They have no awareness that they are still hanging around.””

    The good news is that ghosts who hang around places like Sam Levitz are not dangerous, so there is no need to be scared.

    “”The ghost of Sam Levitz may never leave, but that’s OK because for the most part people should not be afraid of ghosts; they are harmless,”” St Claire said.

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