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    Police Beat: April 4

    Friday night, face-down in bodily fluids

    A male UA student was cited for minor in possession after passing out on the street on March 25.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer was on patrol near the traffic circle by Coronado Residence Hall at 12:15 a.m., when he noticed a man lying on his stomach next to a car.

    The man smelled of alcohol, was covered in vomit and urine, and did not respond to the officer’s commands to get up.

    The officer contacted Tucson Fire Department in regard to his extreme intoxication.

    He was evaluated by the Tucson Fire Department and was transported to the University Medical Center.

    At 3:10 a.m., the officer went to the UMC and made contact with the student and was able to wake him up.

    The student’s eyes were red and watery and his speech was very slurred. There was still a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

    He said that he did not remember what or where he drank.

    He was cited and released for minor in possession of alcohol and a code of conduct referral was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

    Catcalling, climbing on car clues in cops

    Two male UA students were cited for possession of alcohol and marijuana after driving dangerously in front of a UAPD patrol car on March 26.

    A UAPD officer watched an SUV travelling north on Cherry Avenue at Helen Street with a passenger sitting completely outside the rear driver’s side window, blocking the mirror view of the driver at 4:14 p.m.

    The passenger was trying to pull himself onto the roof of the moving vehicle while yelling at women walking down the street.

    The officer stopped the vehicle at Vine Avenue and Drachman Street.

    While approaching the driver’s door to talk with the driver, the officer observed the rear seat passenger quickly shove a plastic bag into his pants pocket.

    The officer ordered the passenger to stop, but he continued to shove the bag into his pocket.

    An assisting officer on the scene spoke with the passenger and retrieved a bag of marijuana from his pants pocket.

    According to the officer, the passenger “”exhibited a look of fear on his face”” when he was asked about what he had in his pocket.

    The student said that he purchased the marijuana in the morning from a friend for $15.

    He was cited for possession of marijuana and released.

    When the officer spoke with the student who was hanging out of the window, there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from the student. He had watery eyes and his speech was slurred.

    He said that he drank two beers at a pool party.

    The officer cited and released him for minor in possession of alcohol.

    Drunken student cries after story falls apart

    A female UA student carrying two cases of beer on First Street was cited for minor in possession and providing false information to an officer on March 26.

    A UAPD officer on patrol in the area behind the Delta Chi fraternity house noticed a woman stumble and fall down in the parking lot.

    In the front of the fraternity house, the officer found the woman again, except she now had two cases of beer in her hands.

    She seemed intoxicated and appeared under the age of 21.

    As the officer spoke with her, he noticed she had bloodshot eyes, alcohol on her breath and a slight sway.

    She claimed to be 22 years old and produced an Illinois driver’s license. The photo on the license was similar but did not match her.

    As she was going through her purse, the officer noticed a second license. She gave the second New York license to the officer.

    She said that it was a fake that she used in high school before turning 21. She assured the officer that her identity was the Illinois one and she recited the address and birth date on the Illinois license.

    The officer also noticed credit cards in the wallet and asked to confirm her identity with the names on the cards.

    She produced two credit cards with two different names than the ones provided.

    To explain, she said that one was a friend’s and that the Visa belonged to her stepmother.

    The officer asked for her mother’s phone number and called the mother asking for the person whose name was listed on the credit card.

    The woman on the phone, presumably her mother, said that the name was her daughter’s and that her daughter was in Arizona attending school.

    After the officer obtained this information, the student started crying and admitted to giving the officer false information.

    She produced her real driver’s license and said that the other licenses belonged to friends.

    The officer cited her for minor in possession, using another’s license and giving false information to an officer.

    The officer also confiscated the friend’s credit card.

    After being issued her citation, the student asked if she could keep the beer. The officer collected and disposed of the beer at UAPD by pouring them out.

    A code of conduct referral was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

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