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    In response to “From the newsroom: Are we writing the stories you want to see?” (by Bethany Barnes, Dec. 3):

    As a Theatre major, I appreciate the Wildcat because the Theatre building is located so far from the heart of campus that I hardly feel like I’m part of what’s going on anymore. Inversely, those who are involved with this school don’t even know that we have a Theatre program, that our students are constantly putting on performances accessible to everyone for evening entertainment, or that Film and Television students have screenings of their projects all over fun places in Tucson.

    This year we got a lot of coverage for “Avenue Q” because of alumnus Michelle Lang’s presence on campus to train the actors. That sort of story is great for our department, but it was also covered countless times by every other newspaper in town. You guys at the Wildcat have such inside access to every student and every faculty member that plays a part in something like that production, which means you have the opportunity to tell a story in a way that nobody else is telling it.

    I love that you’re challenging your readers to turn the challenge back on you. It is encouraging to see that you really are striving for growth, as we all should in the work that we produce.

    — Twoes

    In response to “Tucson could use a bowl” (by James Kelley, Dec. 4):

    Totally agree. No reason we shouldn’t host a bowl.

    — Josh

    Agreed. Tucson should have a bowl game though it’s disappointing to have a lack of support from many fans.

    — Victor Calderon

    Would tend to agree but this community failed to support the Copper/Insight Bowl much like they failed to support Spring Training Baseball, Minor League Baseball among other events … sporting or otherwise. Communities need to support these bowl games regardless of who is in them. Tucson just could not warm up to that idea.

    Can’t imagine the NCAA would certify a bowl game in Tucson considering the track record. Phoenix did not take it from us … We let it go.

    — Lawrence M.


    In response to “Guest column: DeConcini’s ties to CCA calls credibility of regents into question” (by Patricia Hohl, Dec. 4):

    I found the column very enlightening. I am an undergraduate here at the University of Arizona and I am disgusted to find out that our Board of Regents members are involved with such questionable companies as CCA. I’m glad that someone is bringing these types of issues to our attention. I will definitely be going to the meeting on Dec. 6 to have my voice heard. Thank you to Patricia Hohl for this informative piece.

    _— Phillip McFarland, _
    undergraduate, Mathematics department

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