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    Prepare for summer with these summer makeup trends

    Tom Price
    Licensed arch exper Jacob Lopez makes an Ulta customer’s eyebrow game strong in Friday, April 15. Arts and Life reporter Sammy Cherukuri got summer makeup tips from experts at Ulta.

    As summer creeps around the seasonal corner, the desire for glowing skin, a full lash-brow combination and a bright makeup look makes an astonishing presence. Clear, luminous skin, combined with bright makeup looks, can help start your summer off on the right foot.

    The struggle, however, has never been more real: The race to a healthy, natural summer glow marks a challenging feat because there are various skin types and makeup preferences. Ulta Beauty’s skin care and makeup experts offer their cosmetic wisdom.

    Makeup has long served as a fanatical beauty outlet, allowing people to create unique and vibrant looks in accordance with the seasons.

    Beauty and skin care consultant Randi Van Leer gave tips on achieving that nice summer look.

    Daily Wildcat: What qualifies as an absolute essential for a natural summer look?

    Van Leer: While there are a wide range of contour palettes being sold all over the market, a simpler palette can give that natural boost that many look for. Make sure that there is a highlighter, a light pigment of blush and a neutral shade of bronzer. You don’t want an over-powering brown shade, as a deep, dark shading can give your face a sunken look. As for the eyes, pinks and corals act as great pigments for the summer trends.

    How would one keep this look in such sweat-procuring temperatures?

    Van Leer: I strongly suggest to back it all up with a strong primer. It’s a crime not to prime. It’s also very important to wear a protective shield against the constant Arizona UV rays. CC creams that offer extra moisture and coverage serve as a more natural substitute to foundation. IT Cosmetics offers a fabulous CC cream: Your Skin But Better. This superhero product acts as a primer and a protectant, all in one. More bang for your buck.

    Prominent brows and lashes have also long served as a constant desire in today’s cosmetic world. Jacob Lopez has earned a reputation as a brow genius within the Tucson community.

    Lopez is a licensed arch expert at the Benefits Cosmetics Beauty Bar in Ulta and knows what it takes to get that perfect brow and lash combination. Lopez revealed the intense secret of his long lashes and full brows.

    Mascara and brow gels can be a hassle sometimes. Is there a way to grow your brows and lashes in a safe and successful fashion?

    Lopez: Castor oil is a girl’s secret best friend. Castor oil contains a good amount of Vitamin E, which gives a boost to hair growth. Look for a conditioner that holds a fair amount of castor oil and apply a small amount on the lash line in the shower. Wait three minutes and rinse thoroughly. After this, apply a small amount of castor oil and a dab of Men’s or Women’s Rogaine onto the empty patches of your brows. The process is slow but with patience and application dedication, your need for clumpy mascara and sticky brow gels will decrease.

    In accordance with these fantastic makeup, brow and lash tips, beauty consultant Donna McElvaine serves as Ulta’s skin care guru.

    McElvaine stressed the importance of maintaining skin moisture and elasticity, as it serves as the base foundation of a summer glow.

    What does it take to get that youthful, bright summer glow?

    McElvaine: In my experiences, skin care products that contain coconut and coconut milk seem to do the trick. It locks in extreme moisture while giving off a refreshing, luminous look. I completely understand that certain products offer great results but at an expensive price. Yes to Coconut offers a cheaper alternative. They’re great for those on strict college budgets, all under $10. Exfoliation is also a very important factor, as it removes those nasty impurities from the pores.

    While these tricks and tips seem simple, they can add up to that much-desired summer trend. Thanks to these Ulta specialists, one can see it doesn’t require a ton of elbow grease to accumulate a luminous, sun-kissed summer look.

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