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    Police Beat: April 8

    Shocking day of football

    A male UA student was trapped on a ledge of the Manuel E. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center on April 5.

    The student was playing football with friends on the UA Mall, near the opening of the ILC, when an errant pass sent the ball into the ILC.

    The student looked for the ball, which was stuck on a ledge near the west wall, and decided to drop from ground level to the ledge because he only estimated it to be 10 feet down.

    He made it safely to the ledge and retrieved the football for his friends, but suffered an electrical shock by a small wire that runs along the ledge.

    His friends then called the University of Arizona Police Department.

    A UAPD officer arrived at 6:18 p.m., and found that the student was still on the ledge.

    Tucson Fire Department also responded to help the student.

    Using a ladder, TFD was able to get him back to the surface of the Mall.

    While interviewing the student, the officer pointed out the “”do not climb”” sign to him.

    He said that he had seent he sign but wanted to get the football back.

    The officer informed him that ignoring the sign was trespassing, but instead of arresting him, the officer referred him to the Dean of Students Office.

    The student said that he understood and was released.

    Liar, liar

    A female UA student claiming to be from the U.S. Virgin Islands was charged with a minor in possession on April 3.

    At 1:05 a.m. a UAPD officer responded to the Architecture building in order to secure the front door after reports that it was left open.

    Upon arrival, the officer noticed an empty wine bottle in the parking lot near the entrance and an empty beer case immediately adjacent to the doors.

    In the main room of the building, the officer immediately noticed several empty beer bottles on tables and students at work.

    A woman, walking across the room carrying a beer bottle, stepped toward a table and put the beer on the ground.

    When the officer asked the woman for identification, she told the officer that it was across the room. He also asked for her age to which she replied “”21-years-old.””

    She left to retrieve her wallet from another table, and returned looking for her identification.

    While going through the wallet, the officer noticed that she had a driver’s license in her possession but gave him a CatCard.

    After giving the officer a CatCard, he asked for her driver’s license as well.

    She denied possession of one and said that the other license was one she found on the ground on Fourth Avenue during St. Patrick’s Day.

    The officer again asked for her date of birth and she said that she was born in 1988. As an immediate follow-up, the officer again asked how old she was and the woman replied 21-years-old.

    “”If you were born in 1988, you would be 22-years-old, not 21,”” the officer said.

    “”That’s what I meant, 22,”” she said.

    The woman said that she was from the U.S. Virgin Islands and had no driver’s license or any other type of identification to verify her date of birth.

    A UAPD records check showed no record of her in Arizona and the U.S. Virgin Islands would not respond.

    “”If I were to ask the university what date of birth they have for you, what would they tell me?”” the officer said.

    “”December … 1991,”” she said. “”My mother filled out my application and she sometimes gets confused.””

    The officer arrested her under suspicion of a minor in possession at 1:10 a.m., until her date of birth could be verified.

    In order to further confirm her age, the officer asked how old she was when she graduated high school.

    She said that she was 18 but graduated in 2010. The officer then asked how she could be 18 in 2010 but 22 in 2011, to which she did not respond.

    The woman was charged with minor in possession and transported her to Pima County Jail.

    A Dean of Students Office referral was completed for the incident.

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