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    ‘Pulp Fiction’: Collector’s Edition

    Pulp Fiction: Collectors Edition

    Twelve years after its 1994 release, “”Pulp Fiction”” has been released in a collector’s edition that will take you back to the days when you called a quarter-pound hamburger with cheese a “”royale with cheese.””

    “”Pulp Fiction”” is the violence, the high-speed adrenaline, the car crashes, the lies and the seduction that movie viewers have grown to love over the years. Even watching this movie now, you get the sense that it was built before its time.

    The collector’s edition of “”Pulp Fiction”” is as impressive as collector’s editions get. It is packed with the exhilarating soundtrack of the movie as well as many other features.

    The “”Pulp Fiction: The Facts”” documentary in the special features section is addictive. It does a remarkable job at giving the viewer an inside look at what it took to make the movie the success that it still is.

    The DVD-ROM features are better than most of the ones on other DVDs. It comes with a screenplay viewer, a trivia game and open microphone commentary.

    If you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can feed in your own commentary to the movie, a neat idea relatively new for special features.

    Designing a set can be a trying task for any production studio. This collector’s edition takes you on a production design featurette that takes you behind the scenes on what it took to create some of the locations on the set and out around Los Angeles.

    The deleted scenes are also enjoyable. A couple of the special features are for die-hard fans, like all of the clips of Quentin Tarantino receiving several awards for the movie and the 30-minute review that Siskel and Ebert gave the movie.

    Still other special features are as good as fresh pulp on a comic-book page. Take for example the different trailers that were done of “”Pulp Fiction”” in Japanese and French.

    The collector’s edition also comes with a nice booklet of articles written about the movie and collages of different scenes and memorabilia of the movie.

    “”Pulp Fiction – Collector’s Edition,”” is a must-have for anyone, whether you’re a die-hard fan or not. This is what every collector’s edition should look like.

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