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The Daily Wildcat

The Daily Wildcat


    Fast Facts

    When a cat died in ancient Egypt, its owners shaved off their own eyebrows as a sign of mourning.

    Goldfish were originally green. The Chinese bred them to be many different colors. Gold stuck.

    Sea urchins reproduce by splitting themselves in two.

    The skin of a tiger shark is 10 times as strong as ox hide.

    According to Guinnesss World Records, the world’s largest bagel was made by Bruegger’s in Syracuse, New York. It weighed 868 pounds and would have required 500 pounds of cream cheese to cover it.

    South Florida is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators coexist in the wild.

    The jaws of a decapitated snapping turtle can keep snapping for about a day.

    If a chameleon loses a fight, it turns gray. If it wins, it turns green.

    Mick Jagger had the emerald filling on his front tooth replaced with a diamond because people kept telling him he had spinach in his teeth.

    Dr. Seuss coined the word “”nerd”” in his 1950 book, “”If I Ran the Zoo.””

    The lollipop was named after Lolly Pop, one of the most famous racehorses of the early 1900s.

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