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    Black Friday death horrifying, not amusing

    The Mumbai attacks were not for sheer “”entertainment”” of the viewers! (“”The dark truth behind the Black Friday death,”” Dec. 1, 2008) A lot of innocent people lost their lives. If people want entertainment, they can rent a movie like “”Die Hard.””

    How can you even write this? I am disappointed with the Daily Wildcat. The attacks were sad and tragic and not entertainment.

    Gaurav Sharma
    management graduate student

    Residence Life gouges students for replacement keys

    Recently, I have experienced the unfair and exceeding profit ways Residence Life has forced upon students at UA. The other day my close friend had lost her key to her dorm room and Res Life charged her $50 for a new one. However, there might be some benefits by teaching an individual responsibility of taking care their utilities, but why charge college students who are already paying extreme expenses to live in the dorm as well as tuition cost?

    College tuition alone is becoming an outrageous expense in students’ lives today; now add on other fees and fines to a student’s ability to pay for college. Not only are we charged $50 for losing just our keys, but also kitchen appliances and other accessories that a student may borrow or check out from Res Life.

    I honestly do not see the reason why charging $50 for a new key or a kitchen appliances is necessary. Where does our money truly go, because we all know buying a new key only costs about $5?

    Hayley Brodish
    pre-business freshman

    Casual attitude toward trash adds to library’s hideousness

    Forgive me for a moment if I sound eerily like your nagging mother. My letter does not address any hard news, our recent presidential election, devastating university budget cuts or UA basketball predictions. My letter does, however, address one specific, simple way we can improve the university: Clean up your freaking trash!

    As a student who frequents the Main Library, I have sat down on the remains of a Blow Pop one too many times. Occasionally, I check out a study carrel, often greeted by a desk covered in a thin layer of Chex Mix crumbs and the “”crunch”” of pretzels being ground into the carpet under my feet – the remainder of someone’s late night snack or “”student budget”” lunch. Really?! Especially now, at the end of the semester, many days pass when I fail to wash a dish or have to search through yesterday’s jeans and tee shirt to find my laptop. But are you really studying with such zeal and focus that you failed to notice the corn Chex missing your mouth and falling on the library floor?

    The library is already a dreadfully hideous building with tattered furniture and poor lighting turning us all a shade of pea soup green. Will you please take the extra two-and-a-half seconds to put your food in the garbage so the rest of us don’t have to deal with it? You are an adult – act like one; be treated like one.

    Amanda Einhorn
    East Asian studies graduate student

    Pakistan-U.S. relations questionable

    The United States sends a missile flying into Pakistan’s very own territory, causing much uproar. While sending this missile over territory lines it killed six people in the action. The U.S. called this a “”grave provocation”” making Pakistanis anger grow for the United States. Because the Americans shot this missile, it is going to start a great uproar from the Pakistan government and wanting to fight back. Some say this attack will lessen the army’s financial aid because they rely heavily on the U.S. for support. Pakistani leaders are calling for a “”halt,”” because these missiles are not only killing Pakistanis but also civilians. The identity of the people dead still remains a mystery.

    Wilhelmina Giese
    undeclared freshman

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