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    “Phyllis Goodman, season-ticket holder since even before McKale Center”

    How can you reflect? It’s been a great run, what can I say?

    It’s been exciting. Last year was amazing that we went. That was unexpected but Russ did a great job and the team did a great job. Somebody up there was looking down on us and brought us to the Tournament.

    I’ve been following Arizona basketball forever and ever. I’m the crazy fan with the hat who has a wonderful time and loves the game.

    The best year was when we won it all. They’ve all been good. Just to get there is exciting. There were times that you thought we were going to go further, and maybe we shouldn’ve but we didn’t. On a given day anybody can beat anybody. It’s the way it is. You can be the best and that day you play the worst. It’s exciting this year, I think that we ended up where we ended up.

    Hopefully we will come out a winner. Why not? After what’s happened all season, it’s really been probably like a roller coaster this season more than anything. I only have good things to say about Sean and the team. Yeah there were nights when you thought, oh my god they weren’t here. Where were they? They were asleep or never came to the gym. I guess it all happens. They come through when nobody expected them to come through. Certainly the last three games were heart stoppers. I thought I wouldn’t survive it but I did, and they did and that’s the most important thing.

    The most exciting thing about this past game was the fact that Nic Wise got the winning basket on his last home game. What happens tomorrow, I don’t know what happens tomorrow. Will they go to the NIT? I don’t know they don’t want to go, but it’s not so terrible. I don’t think the NIT is what it was or degrading, as it seemed to be years ago.

    It’s been a great ride. We’ve been very, very lucky to have what we had. We had a fabulous coach. I only have the highest regard for Lute over all these years.

    I wouldn’t want to be a coach. That’s tough how anybody survives that and comes out standing up and going on. Lute all those years was just amazing. It was quite a legacy that he’s left. Russ did a great job in continuing that.

    If it continues, it continues. What I like about Sean is that he’s very upfront. He doesn’t sugar coat everything. When everybody does something good, he’s always the first to say the good things. His appreciation of the fans is wonderful. I just think that’s really neat that he says that all the time.

    He’s certainly so appreciative of the fan support. I’m always upset when some fans get upset. I’m going to support them no matter what. Anybody that stayed a fan through Ben Lindsey has got to be a fan forever.


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