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    “On the Spot: Jess Fankuchen, Undeclared freshman”

    Would you rather date a famous actor or famous athlete?

    Actor, because they are way hotter. And I want to be an actress, so we kind of just go together.

    Who would be your ideal co-star?

    My ideal costar would be Nick Jonas or … there are so many options I can’t begin to explain them.

    Didn’t Nick Jonas just recently get married?

    No, that’s Kevin Jonas.

    Oh, I’m not very up to par with my Jonases. What is your favorite holiday snack?

    Gingerbread men.

    What are those?

    Well, you can get a gingerbread family that includes Siamese twins or you can get, like, the gingerbread men with the sprinkles, and they are cinnamon-ish and just good.

    Do you ever partake in the building of the gingerbread house?

    Oh yeah, but my house usually falls apart so it turns into a shack, but it still rocks. I mean, I would live there.

    Who is your least favorite Christmas villan such as the Grinch or Abominable Snowman?

    I would have to say Scrooge because he is just a scrooge.

    Does anyone in your life resemble Scrooge?

    My mom, because she thinks the holidays are a hassle. Right now, there’s not even a Christmas tree in my house. I’m not even sure if there is going to be one this year, but it’s cool. I mean, I’ll draw one.

    Do you think the season would be more magical if it were a white Christmas?

    Obviously Arizona can’t measure up, you have to drive like nine years to get to the snow. I mean, I love the snow. I want to make a snowman. It is just not Christmas without the snow, it’s hot.

    Would you rather have, under the tree, a lot of really awesome presents or a bunch of free “”A’s”” without even having to study?


    Are you serious?

    Honestly, “”A’s”” are cool but who is perfect? Nobody’s perfect, I gotta work it again and again till I get it right.

    Sounds like a Miley Cyrus lyric?

    Technically it’s a Hannah Montana lyric, but Miley is the interpreter of Hannah Montana and overall they are both amazing. So overall, it works.

    Are you a Disney star fiend?

    Yeah, and I am planning on being a Disney channel actress within the next two years, so look out for me. I will probably be playing a character between the ages of 13 and 15.

    Caroline Nachazel

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