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    Bobby Brown was arrested at his daughter’s cheerleading competition Sunday on a warrant he received after failing to appear for an October court date. Brown owes more than $19,000 in child support. Brown was reportedly very cooperative when he was arrested. Now, how’s that for fatherly love?

    It’s about time someone won an Oscar who truly deserved the honor. Al Gore’s film “”An Inconvenient Truth”” won Best Documentary, and Gore used his time at the podium to restate the importance of action against global warming. Some people have criticized him for “”plugging”” his cause, but it’s everyone’s issue, so more power to him.

    Angelina Jolie wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post urging justice for Darfur. Jolie’s piece stated “”the violence in Darfur has increased since my last visit in 2004. … It was estimated then that more than 1,000 people were dying each week.”” Jolie hopes that the international community will help stop the violence, but unfortunately we all know the way things work, and because Darfur has nothing our capitalist society wants, help will probably not be rushed over. Jolie has been unable to return to Darfur due to the unstable conditions there, but kudos to political activism and fighting for human rights by writing op-ed pieces.

    Britney Spears reportedly checked back into rehab because Kevin Federline, her husband whom she is separated from, reportedly gave her an ultimatum: either she check back into rehab or he’d seek custody of their two children. What a wake-up call. Rumors also abound that Spears agreed to check into rehab only after paying for an entire wing of the facility so she could have privacy. So much for group therapy.

    Paris Hilton was pulled over by authorities late Tuesday night. Hilton was speeding, driving without her headlights on and driving with a suspended license. She was issued a ticket and a misdemeanor charge with a court date pending. News flash: The law does apply to ditzy hotel heiresses. Couldn’t she afford a chauffeur?

    -complied by Alexandria Kassman

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