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    “On the Spot: Jamie Calvert, pre-nursing junior”

    How many times a day do you get referred to as Lady Gaga with your hairstyle being the way it is?

    Oh my gosh, you don’t even want to know. At parties, at school, at bars all I hear is, “”Hey! Lady Gaga!””

    Well, it’s a great conversation starter.

    Yeah, but I’m not her so people get disappointed.

    Wait, you aren’t?

    (Laughs) No, my name is Jamie. But yeah, I don’t really mind ‘cause I love Gaga, but it gets annoying. Like OK, I have bleach blonde hair with bangs, get over it.

    You are probably the only person on this campus I have seen with hair of that nature.

    Yeah, it’s pretty hard to miss, I guess.

    Better to be hard to miss than just another in the crowd, right?

    Completely agree, you gotta’ take advantage and be different while you are young and aren’t considered an idiot, before you get too old.

    Are you afraid of becoming old?

    Well, I recently turned 21 and it has been the best experience ever, but now that I am 21, I don’t really have any ages to look forward to. I feel like as I get older every year, I am going to keep feeling more pressure to be doing things I thought I would be doing when I was younger.

    Like what?

    I don’t know I mean like with getting married, getting a job, having kids, all that stuff. I guess I am just nervous I’m going to be like 30 years old with no kids, no job, no man and like tons of cats.

    Would you rather be extremely broke and living on coupons and Ramen while being in love with your fiance or boyfriend, whatever, or be riding around town in a 7 series BMW with tons of money and no fiance?

    That’s a tough question. But money doesn’t buy happiness, so I’d rather be happy and in love, as corny was that sounds. But seriously, I am not a material girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and new stuff, but that doesn’t make me happy. Everyone is always happier when they have good friends, and my friends and people I love are the reason I love life so much.

    Agreed. Are you excited for basketball season?

    Oh, favorite time of year. The football games have been amazing.  I haven’t made it through a whole game this year, but basketball is a different story. The music and all the lights just get me so pumped in McKale.

    — Caroline Nachazel

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