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    “On the spot: Bryan Stedman, Marketing junior”

    Let’s talk about Tiger Woods. What’s going on with all that?

    I have no idea. It was kind of interesting, just because after Thanksgiving and you wake up and you see that Tiger Woods was in a car crash and the next thing you know Elin’s getting the golf club out and getting him out.

    Which club do you think she used?

    I think she used the driver.

    Well at least she’s accurate with it, because Tiger isn’t.

    (Laughs) Yeah, exactly.

    So maybe he was drunk and maybe he wasn’t. What are your thoughts on that?

    (Pauses) Tiger seems like a very upstanding guy, so for him to run into a tree, run into a fire hydrant — whatever it was — for him to do that so late at night it definitely leads you to believe that something was going on. But, hey, like he said he’s human and he makes mistakes and he was doing it in his own neighborhood.

    Apparently is reporting that he had a fling with I think it was a New York City nightclub hostess when he was in Australia recently. You didn’t hear about that?

    I did not hear about that. I remember him saying, “”I want to dispel all the rumors that are out about me,”” and I was kind of wondering what rumors are out there, so I guess that’s one of them.

    First off, when your wife is a Swedish nanny why would you even cheat on her in the first place?

    (Laughs) No, you wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I’ve got a Swedish background, like my ancestors are Swedish. I would never cheat on her.

    Especially considering all he needs is somebody to take care of the kids, right? So he’s messing up in more ways than one.

    (Laughs) Absolutely. Tiger Woods is just a really good guy. I hope he didn’t for his sake.

    Do you think he should just come clean so he can get it out of the way or do you think he should hide it for as long as he can?

    Uh, well if he doesn’t have anything to hide, then I would come clean.

    Well does he? It kind of seems like he’s trying to hide stuff.

    (Laughs) I don’t think so, right? Um, I don’t think he has anything to hide.

    — Brian Kimball

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