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Q&A; with Phillip Garcia

Editor’s Note: Arizona reserve offensive lineman Phillip Garcia turned 21 years old Wednesday. The Arizona Daily Wildcat‘s Brian Kimball caught up with Garcia to discuss his birthday plans, the best present he ever got and what his expectations are for this season.

Daily Wildcat: So you’re 21 now, what are you going to do to celebrate?

Phillip Garcia: Nothing man. Just go out tonight with the boys, get some wings at the wing spot near campus and then get ready for the game. Just be ready for the game on Saturday and celebrate after the game.

DW: I was going to say, it might be a little bit hard to get ready for class the next morning.

Garcia: No, we’re not going to do anything dumb (Wednesday night). We’re just going to go out and have some wings and kick back with the boys.

DW: What did you get, anything cool?

Garcia: No, I didn’t get anything yet. My parents are coming down this weekend and that’s pretty cool. I’m going to see my grandma for the first time in a couple of months; every time I get to see her it’s pretty special. I’m just happy to be with my family this weekend, that’s the best thing.

DW: What’s the best present you’ve ever been given?

Garcia: It’ll probably have to be my first authentic Shaq jersey. I was a big Shaq fan and my first authentic Shaq jersey, my dad bought for me. I was 12 years old.

DW: I know you live with fellow offensive linemen Adam Grant and Mike Diaz. What did they do for you?

Garcia: They’re giving me crap every day. I’m the young guy, I’m coming back from knee surgery so I’m still new as far as getting playing time, but I love those guys to death man. They work their butts off. We help each other when we go home, we see film, we always talk about it. I’ll see what they have for me tonight.

DW: My friends will give me a birthday beating, one smack for each year and then one to grow on. Did they hit you up for that?

Garcia: (Laughs) No man, I’ll fight back. I’ll fight them back. They’re big and they might get me, but I’ll fight back. (Laughs)

DW: So are you more excited for the birthday weekend plans or to play on Saturday?

Garcia: I’ve been waiting to play for two years. I’m just stoked to play. If I get in I’ll bust my butt and do everything I can to do my best and get back in the mix.

DW: Coming off that right knee injury are you a little bit nervous to get back in a game and have people hitting you?

Garcia: No, we’ve been doing that for about five weeks now, since camp started. But the game is going to be different because it’s a different speed. I got hurt in a game so there’s a little nervousness, but at the same time I’m anxious to get back out there.

DW: On the depth chart you’re number two at left tackle. What’s the biggest key for you to contribute this season?

Garcia: Just to get the most experience I can. Get in the game and get coaches to trust me, learn myself. Just get them to trust me to play next year or possibly this year. Anything can happen. God forbid anything happens to anybody, but if we have to shift some guys around they have to trust me to get in there and do my job.

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