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    Christina Aguilera…Back To Basics…6/10

    Christina Aguilera goes Back to Basics to achieve the sound of her third album. What she fails to remember, though, is to bring hit songs with her.

    This is Aguilera’s first double album, although there is no real distinction between the two discs. Aguilera tries to make most of the tracks sound like they were recorded in the old days, but the result is horrid on most tracks.

    Songs like “”Oh Mother”” and “”Here to Stay”” sound like Aguilera’s sophomore attempt, but fall short of even that.

    “”Makes Me Wanna Pray”” is one of the only commendable songs on the album. This track has an amazing chorus and a subtle organ that is reminiscent of a gospel song. There’s also no way of denying “”Ain’t No Other Man,”” Aguilera’s first released single off of the album.

    Aguilera’s creative efforts are appreciated on this album, but the old sound that she tried to recreate is a little over the top – and not so basic.

    -Ernesto Romero

    The Horrorpops…Bring It On…10/10

    If you’ve ever found yourself jamming to Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees or Tiger Army, you will adore the Horrorpops. Their second full-length album, Bring It On will arouse fans everywhere and cement their place as a rockabilly phenomenon.

    Tattooed, pierced and ready to roll, this co-ed band led by sultry vocalist Patricia, who also plays the upright bass, brings an excitement and toughness to its music that is genuine and refreshing.

    Bring It On, the follow-up to 2004’s Hell Yeah, was produced by Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz. It’s a CD about kicking butt, presented in a psychobilly pop fashion. The first track, “”Freaks in Uniform,”” expresses the importance of individuality with lyrics like “”Freaks in uniform/Creating norms/ It’s misguided unity/Don’t need no uniform to know where I belong.””

    One of their most amusing and enlightening songs is called “”Walk Like a Zombie”” and is about a girl who is dating a zombie. All of her friends tell her not to date him, but she doesn’t listen. This is a Halloween-ish take on the typical “”he’s not good for you”” theme in songs.

    In fact, all of these songs would make a great Halloween soundtrack for retro kids everywhere.

    “”Crawl Straight Home”” is a fun number that makes you want to mosh, pogo, and go-go dance all at the same time. Patricia croons about being drunk and “”unladylike,”” which is something almost everyone can get hip to.

    Once you listen to these rockabilly hipsters, you will be sold. Luckily, you can hit the all-ages show at Club Congress (311 E. Congress) on Oct. 3 to see them play with Charley Horse and The Mission Creeps. Tickets are $12 in advance and $14 the day of the show.

    -Alexandria Kassman

    Dirty Pretty Things…Waterloo to Anywhere…2/10

    The debut album from Dirty Pretty Things, Waterloo to Anywhere, would be more aptly titled Waterpoo to Nowhere. My complete lack of humor aside, it should be known this album lacks everything necessary to be considered enjoyable music.

    Dirty Pretty Things sounds like a mashed-up, dehydrated, regurgitated version of The Cure, and that is being generous. Waterloo to Anywhere lacks depth, variety and most of all creativity. The lyrics are generally negative and extremely repetitive.

    The only semi-redeeming quality about the album is its stripped down, not overproduced sound, unlike almost all new music coming out of the indie/pop/rock scene today. And I can just see Apple jumping all over “”Deadwood,”” the album’s first track, for the next iPod commercial.

    This album might bode well for tweeners who are just beginning to develop their music tastes, thinking they are so cool and retro by listening to a Cure knockoff, but that is about all this album is good for.

    -Lauren Hillery

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