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    “On the Spot: Emily Kornmuller, natural resources sophomore”

    Working at the bookstore, what is the most annoying type of student you have to deal with?

    The most annoying person is someone who comes up to the register while talking on the phone.  I think it’s the most rude thing you can do. It’s extremely annoying and extremely inconsiderate.

    Do you guys have the No Phone Zone signs here?

    No, but we really need them. The UMart has them and I even told them that it was a great idea because it annoys the hell out of me whenever people come up here on their phones. I had someone come up five minutes ago who didn’t even pay attention to me, and I had some questions to ask him.

    The best is when they are talking about something really personal, too, and you feel like you just should not be listening.

    I always act super nice to them but in a super sarcastic way like, “”Oh is there anything you couldn’t find? I hope you have a great day, sir!””

    That’s awesome. So do you take part in Halloween?

    Oh yeah definitely, one of my friends is having a Harry Potter party.

    Okay wow, all my interviews this week have been about Harry Potter somehow.

    It’s just such a huge deal, like the new movie is coming out soon, right after Halloween. Harry Potter is literally the best thing ever.

    So are you dressing up or what?

    I don’t know who I’m dressing up as yet. I am still debating which character.

    You should stray away from the stereotypical Ron, Hermione and Harry. How do you feel about couples doing like cliché costumes such as the plug and the outlet?

    I think that some couple costumes are cute but it depends on what the costume is and who the couple is. If the couple is already a really annoying couple then seeing them dress up together is going to be really annoying. But if it’s a cute couple who is really fun and they chose a fun costume, then it’s adorable.

    Would you ever do the outlet and the plug?

    No, never.

    What is your least favorite costume on Halloween?

    Just when people wear lingerie with the animal ears. I just think that is so cliché. Come one, be a little more original and a little less … yeah.

    Caroline Nachazel


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