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    Don’t be “that” kid: Five tips for freshmen

    Jordin O’Connor
    Photo Illustration by KYLE WASSON / Arizona Daily Wildcat Freshman Josh Franz scans his trusty UA campus map from the friendly waters of Old Main’s fountain.

    Freshman. Frosh. Freshie. New kids. We’ve all been one, and we’ve all had to deal with the countless awkward situations that resulted from some stupid decisions that we, as freshman, were bound to make.

    But it doesn’t have to be like that.
    After some serious legwork (by that I mean living around freshman for four long years), I feel confident in providing some advice to make life a little easier.

    “Dorm Cest”

    You know that really hot guy or girl who lives on the floor above you? The one you’ve been scoping out since move-in? Well, as attractive as he or she may be, it’s not worth the chase. Starting romantic relationships with people who live in your hall is always a bad idea. It could start off great at first, but it won’t end well – that I can promise you.
    First off, you’ll see the object of your affection all the time. The beginnings of relationships are the most exciting, so being exposed to someone all the time can get boring fast. You will see them coming back from class or the gym, during study time or even when you just want to chill with your bros or ladies.
    What happens then when things start to fade and you want to bring a new “friend” back to your dorm? Things have the potential to get uncomfortable. Passing them on the stairs while you’re hand-in-hand with your new thunder buddy could also elicit some vile stares. Plus, they know where you live, so expect nasty notes on your door. It’s your first year of college; you don’t have time for anything lackluster.

    Key Etiquette

    During move-in, the front desk gives out lanyards so the freshman don’t lose their keys the second they leave the room. They’re always the same: thick straps with Residence Hall Association logos splattered across them. However, what you do with them after you leave the front desk does matter. Avoid putting your lanyard around your neck at all costs or risk some serious mockery.
    Yeah, I get that you don’t want to carry it, but you most likely have pockets or purses to stick it in. Wearing it around your neck is just asking to be called a freshman, and subsequently to be punched in the face.

    Class of no one cares

    High school graduation was only a few short months ago for some folks, and high school may have been the best four years of your life. However, wearing a letterman’s jacket or rocking the “Class of ‘10” t-shirt isn’t tolerated well here. The one thing it’s good for is helping guys identify jailbait, which they will do. Leave that stuff back home. The only team you should be representing is the Wildcats (and maybe the New York Giants –– but that’s just me).

    You aren’t too cool for anything

    In high school you may have been captain of the cheerleading squad, debate team or Spanish club. However, there are so many more opportunities waiting around every red brick corner here at the UA. Don’t think you’re too cool to check out some of the clubs on campus. Sure, a lot of people think going greek is the way to get involved, but also check out some of the club fairs. There isn’t anything cool about coming back from class and doing nothing all afternoon and night. You never know, maybe the Food Enthusiasts Club will be the key to your success.

    Partying 101

    You’ve probably been to at least one party in high school, and it was likely the kind where boys were still too scared to talk to girls. But you’re in college now, so get used to it. A few simple rules that are always worth following: First, never start a conversation by asking what someone’s major is. It’s the go-to question that no one actually cares about. Second, never bring up relationships. It’s more of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” system here; we’re in college, everything goes. Plus, we’re only a few short months away from Turkey Drop (Thanksgiving break when everyone comes back newly single), so even if your special someone has his or her own someone back home, it won’t be for long. Lastly, don’t be stupid. Alcohol and hormones are a bad enough combination as it is, but when merged your newly found freshman bravado it can’t possibly end well. Play it cool.

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