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    How to be a great Wildcat fan

    You’re in college now. It’s the time in your life when you’ll constantly sleep, party, study (maybe) and participate in stupid and perhaps illegal activities. Part of your social life for the next four to 12 years in college will have a lot to do with UA athletics. Here are some of my recommendations for making the best of it:

    Become a Zona Zoo member

    Stone sober or shockingly intoxicated, there’s nothing like wearing red at a home football game in Arizona Stadium or a basketball game in McKale Center. With a capacity of 56,000 (10,000 in the student section) in the football venue, you can yell until your throat bleeds. It’s even more fun when you’re chanting “”ASU sucks!”” It’s a key-jingling, foam-fingering, body-painting good time.

    Inhale McKale

    Games in McKale Center are intense, to say the least. Women’s basketball games can be as heated as men’s games. Though it can get physical, the players typically rely a lot more on their shooting and passing abilities. But to see some fast-breaking, high-flying action, take in the men’s basketball games. You’ll be watching some future NBA stars. Oh, and another thing about games in McKale: volleyball girls in spandex.

    Learn to hate the other team

    Join the Hot Corner, a pocket of wild fans at baseball games. They bring a giant whiteboard and write silly messages to the opposing players. Bring brooms to the games where a sweep could happen to the foes. Tell the Oregon State teams that the Wildcats are going to lick the Beavers. Chant “”U of A”” really loud in groups when opposing fans are near. And no matter what, ASU always sucks.

    Real fans stand

    Unless you’re physically incapable of standing for the duration of the game, you have no excuse. Furthermore, do more than stand. Bounce on your feet. Bring signs. Do the wave. If you are asked to sit down by someone behind you, tell him or her they should have TiVoed the game and that their La-Z-Boy is a lot more comfortable than a plastic seat. Then get more obnoxious.

    See every Wildcat team in person

    There’s something for everyone at every event. See the glass wall shatter at a men’s club hockey game. See the heart that the softball team plays with. Take in a gymnastics meet to realize how inflexible you are. Go to a cross country meet at a local golf course and try to follow the race. Visit the swim and dive teams and wonder how to become a human submarine as well. Oh, and did I mention that the volleyball players wear spandex shorts?

    Treat athletes like people, too

    After all, they’re students like you and me. With hundreds of athletes on campus, you’re sure to encounter some athletes sometime during your college stay. More often than not, they want to be treated the same, rather than worshiped – at least off the court. So if you have a class with an athlete, talk to him or her about class matter, the student union’s overpriced food, parties or how closely President Bush resembles a chimpanzee. Trust me, you’ll become a lot closer than if you kissed their feet.

    Learn “”Bear Down””

    The fight song is a 55-year-old classic. You must learn it. And a one, a two, a one, two, three:

    Bear down, Arizona

    Bear down, red and blue

    Bear down, Arizona

    Hit ’em hard

    Let ’em know who’s who (or “”kick the sh*t out of ASU””)

    Bear down, Arizona

    Bear down, red and blue

    Go! Go! Wildcats, go!

    Arizona, bear down

    It’s a sin to leave early

    Last year during Homecoming, the Arizona football team went into halftime trailing nationally ranked California 17-3. Thousands of fans left. But the Wildcats came back to win 24-17 in front of a filtered crowd.
    Don’t die until the game is over.

    ðLance Madden is a journalism sophomore. He can be reached at

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