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    In response to “To put out smoking on campus, bans must address causes of smoking” (by Nyles Kendall, Oct. 24):

    I could not disagree with you more on your opinion on smoking in today’s paper. I would love for the UA to implement a tobacco free policy like Arizona State University and I do think it will work.
    In your section you mention that you avoid eye contact with those who, “scornfully glare at me” and you know that if a ban was implemented that those same people would speak up and say something to you about putting your cigarette out.

    With enough media and education, students and the rest of the UA community would understand that smoking is just not allowed on campus. My office is located by a designated smoking section and to get to the ladies room I have to walk past a group of smokers on a daily basis and I am sick and tired of it. It really stinks.

    There are more nonsmokers than there are smokers, so yes a tobacco free policy would be great!

    — Karen Hale,
    Office of Academic Affairs


    In response to “Man with knife arrested at UA Main Library” (by Brittny Mejia, Oct. 24):

    This is one of the many reasons why I hate Tucson: so f-ing sketch. Getting out of this s#!thole as soon as I graduate.
    — 2013Grad

    If you think Tucson is “sketch,” you must have limited travel experience outside of you sheltering rich parent’s home. Travel a little.
    — UA Alumni

    Just in for Parents Weekend and I had an unfortunate experience on Fourth Avenue after the game on Saturday. Sad to say this is not the first time. Maybe more of the funds received by U of A should go towards increasing security in and around the campus. Stay safe.
    — Concerned Mom

    I did have something stolen from my car during Family Weekend, but was far north of the campus. Concerned mom, can you share anything about the experience that might help keep our kids safe? I know my new student was very aware of the surroundings. The kids I met seemed smart enough to walk home from the game in groups, avoiding 6th street, and all check in with each other on their cellphones.

    Tucson did feel a little more urban that other cities its size. We were solicited by pan handlers a couple of times. I think the last time I was solicited by panhandlers was off the harbor in Baltimore. I have traveled all over the world and I did not think Tucson bad by comparison. I know of two people that have been murdered, and they were both in small towns. Stay aware of your surroundings and protect yourself with common sense.
    — Miguel S.

    In response to “Rhetorical questions: Language matters in effective communication” (by Jason Krell, Oct. 23):

    I read your post with interest. Although you apply this to your role at the Daily Wildcat it can be applied to communicating in general. I believe it speaks to work I have done often as a certified coach with a focus on leadership within organizations.

    Getting people to do a quick check as to what it is that they want to convey and how they can do this to have the desired impact and thus, avoid an unintended impact is such a quick and easy step. And does it ever save turmoil and communication that takes things way off track.

    In your example above, bottom line is I want the piece of cake. Aligning the approach to the desired outcome makes that a lot more certain.

    — Mike Dorman

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