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    “On the Spot: Michael Rosenfeld, undeclared freshman”

    There’s been lots of news about athletes and animals in the news. Do you know who Usain Bolt is?

    Yeah. That fast Jamaican guy, the fastest guy in the world.

    Did you hear he recently adopted a new pet?

    I did not.

    He went to Nairobi, Kenya and adopted a baby cheetah. Do you think it’s kind of funny that he actually got himself a cheetah?

    I think that (pauses) it was smart for him to do that because he’s like the fastest guy in the world and the cheetah resembles him. Like, your pet should resemble you. If he has money, which I’m sure he does, then that cheetah, he should go and get it if he wants it.

    I think it cost him nearly $14,000 just to adopt it and it will cost him a couple of grand more each year just to keep it licensed properly.

    That’s really expensive, but if you have the money to do it and that’s what he wants — that’s where his heart is at — then go for it, man.

    What would somebody even feed a cheetah anyway?

    I would need to talk to someone. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about cheetahs so I would need to talk to a professional on that.

    What would you name him?


    Close, Usain Bolt actually named his baby cheetah Lightning Bolt.

    That’s pretty funny.

    More on athletes and animals, did you hear about the Manu Ginobili thing that happened on Sunday?

    I love him but I didn’t hear anything, no.

    Apparently in his game against the Kings, a bat was flying around the arena and disrupting play. He just kind of swatted it down and then picked it up and walked over to some guy and handed him the battered bat.

    That’s so funny. I didn’t even see that.

    What would you do if you were playing basketball and a bat was just flying around?

    I would do the same thing or I would just duck.

    I read that he had to get a rabies shot, too.

    Definitely. Definitely. Bats are … yeah. Bats are dangerous. (Laughs) You’ve definitely got to have a rabies shot.


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