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    ‘The Bachelor’: UA, will you accept this rose?

    With its 19th season well underway, “The Bachelor,” featuring farmer Chris Soules, is a must-see for many UA students who tune in regularly on Monday nights. Audience members follow Soules and the contestants as they travel to different countries and go on extravagant dates. All the while, viewers try to predict where Soules’ heart is at, excited when their favorite contestants get a rose and dismayed when Soules decides to send them home. For many, the drama that ensues on the show makes “The Bachelor” not only entertaining but also an event that cannot be missed — especially this close to Valentine’s Day when love tends to be a highly discussed topic. 

    Emmanuelle Reed, a nursing freshman, Rachel Clark, a veterinary science freshman, Max Holland, a microbiology senior, Hannah Burns, a freshman studying special education and rehabilitation, and Melanie Grant, a retail and consumer sciences senior were interviewed regarding their opinions on “The Bachelor.”

    What is your opinion of the current bachelor, Chris Soules?

    Emmanuelle Reed: “I like him. I think he is genuine and is [on the show] for the right reasons.”

    Rachel Clark: “He seems like a good actor.”

    Max Holland: “He is a classic American heartthrob. I went home, and my mom was watching it. I think it is hilarious to watch all the girls walk out of the limo already in love with him.”

    Hannah Burns: “I think he is boring. He shows no particular interest in any one girl; it’s all the same. He is cute, though.”

    Melanie Grant: “I don’t think he is that cute. I don’t think he is anything special. I do think it’s cool that he is farmer. He is not the typical bachelor-type guy.”

    Who would be your ultimate bachelor/bachelorette?

    ER: “Someone who is looking for a wife and is genuine.”

    RC: “Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is smart and cute, and he is in my favorite movie.”

    MH: “Wilma Wildcat.”

    HB: “Smart, funny, a little nerdy, tall, with pretty eyes and caring.”

    MG: “Ryan Gosling or Matthew McConaughey. If you could combine the two, that would be even better.”

    Do you think the dating depicted on “The Bachelor”/“The Bachelorette” is valid?

    ER: “I think it is entertainment. I think some of it is acting.”

    RC: “No, that girl who talked about onions … Chris kept her for like four episodes.”

    MH: “No way. Just as valid as Tinder is.”

    HB: “No, absolutely not. It is all TV. It is strictly for entertainment.”

    MG: “I don’t think so. I just think it’s like [a] competition. You can’t really get to know a person by going on a group date.”

    Would you go on the show as either a contestant or as a bachelor/bachelorette?

    ER: “No, I just don’t think that dating the same guy with a bunch of other girls is normal.”

    RC: “[I would go on the show] as a bachelorette but not competing for a guy.”

    MH: “No way. Is there money involved?”

    HB: “If it came down to when I was 35 and I had no one, I would go on the show. It would be funny. It would be an experience.”

    MG: “100 percent I would do it. You get to go places.”


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