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    “On the spot: David Biggs, physiology junior”

    Since we are standing here at Starbucks, what is your order?

    I usually get like an iced coffee with Breve.

    Whoa, hold up. What is Breve?

    It is pretty much just a fancy way of saying half and half, like a type of cream people add flavor to like vanilla, irish cream; it just gives more texture to the coffee.

    Aside from me, who is the most exciting person you have met on this campus? Professor, friend, celebrity, just anyone, aside from me?

    Aside from you, I want to say my friend Sam Wang.

    Okay tell us about Sam. You were just on the phone with him.

    He is fabulous, he dresses super nice. I would have to say he taught me ways of behaving correctly because I used to just be really, really…


    Yes! Naïve in the college setting I would just say the wrong things? and just extremely socially awkward.

    What!? You do not seem like you have an awkward bone in your body.

    I was then, but Sam taught me the ways.

    Wang’s ways, in other words.

    Yes, Wang’s ways. I have him to thank for the new person I became. I guess you could say a little bit of my fashion sense and pop culture increased because of him because we are so into Lady Gaga.


    We went to the concert in Phoenix, actually!

    Stop, I heard it was just out of control, fabulous.

    I almost cried two times when I saw her in person. We were really close, we were right on the corner of the runway and she pretty much validated our existence by pointing at us.

    You guys were like some of the chosen few. What is your favorite Gaga song?

    “”So Happy I Could Die,”” definitely my favorite. And then there is also “”Alejandro,”” which actually has been playing a lot in Starbucks. There is nothing like getting Starbucks and listening to “”Alejandro”” in the morning, so that made my morning.

    If you could relate your life to any Lady Gaga song what would it be?

    “”Just Dance.””

    David, that is amazing. So you are totally the guy that just loves to dance without holding anything back?

    Well, I have been told that I have a donk, basically, and I like shaking it, it’s a lot of fun. Yeah, I go crazy when I am in a party setting. I don’t get crazy drunk, in that sense, but I get along with everyone and love to make it fun.

    So in other words, you are the life of the party like Snoop Dogg and when you hear a song you can’t even stop your body from moving?

    Yeah, and I like, flail my arms around and scream out dancing, kind of get a little obnoxious but I don’t really care. We’re young, that’s what we are supposed to do.

    We’re young, and wild, and free.

    — Caroline Nachazel

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