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    Police Beat: May 2, 2012

    To end the year, the Daily Wildcat has thrown together some of the best Police Beats from earlier in the semester.

    Let me urinate in peace (Feb. 21)

    Two Latina custodians called the University of Arizona Police Department, saying a female student in the UA Main Library was harassing them at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. Officers arrived at the scene and met the women in the library, next to the restrooms, where the incident had occurred. The officers translated what they said and realized the suspect was still in the restroom stall.

    The officers went inside the women’s restroom and introduced themselves. The student replied, “Get the fuck out of the bathroom, I am trying to urinate.” The officer asked if she was OK and she said she was upset because every time she tried to go to the bathroom and urinate the same two janitors were cleaning the stalls. The officers asked if she remembered insulting the janitors and the student said, “Yes, I remember calling them bitches and whores and told them to go back to Mexico.”

    The officer then asked if she was done urinating, and that when she was, she would need to step out of the stall. The girl said she would only come out if the officer went to grab her a tampon. An officer was able to retrieve a tampon shortly after and handed it to the girl. She eventually came out of the stall and spoke with the officers, telling them that she would like to speak with the supervisor of the library.

    The student started yelling at the supervisor and telling her that it was a mistake to employ these two custodians because they would never let her urinate in peace. The student then started throwing wads of wet toilet paper at the supervisor because the supervisor disagreed, then attempted to throw the toilet paper at the two janitors. Officers then arrested the student for disorderly conduct and referred her to the Dean of Students Office. Officers apologized to the supervisor and custodians for not taking care of the situation before letting it get out of hand.

    Drive and dash (March 8)

    A VIP Taxi driver flagged down UAPD officers after driving four students who left the cab without paying their $20 bill at 1:25 a.m. on Sunday. The students were driven to Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall. Officers began searching for the students, three male and one female, and eventually found the men. All three were intoxicated and slurring their speech, and the cab driver was able to positively identify them. When officers confronted the students, one of them said, “We ran because a girl took our money and we were all a little drunk so we were not thinking and decided to just run.” Students asked the officers if they could just pay the cab driver and be released, but the officers said no. The men were arrested for minor in possession of alcohol in body and theft. They were transferred to Pima County Jail and referred to the Dean of Students Office for Code of Conduct violations.

    Hoppin’ over (April 23)

    A member of the Delta Gamma sorority called UAPD after she saw a man jump over a fence into the sorority house’s backyard at 2:19 a.m. on Sunday. The woman said she suspected that the man was homeless. An officer responded to the scene and found the man hiding behind a porta-potty. As the officer escorted the man away from the sorority house, he kept saying, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

    The officer asked the man to tell him his name and date of birth, and the man said he was born on Oct. 37, 1977. When the officer told him that there are not 37 days in October, the man corrected himself immediately and said he was born on Oct. 7. The officer did a background check on the man, and found he had a warrant out for his arrest for shoplifting charges. The man was arrested and searched, and the officer found he was carrying a Motorola RAZR cellphone, a set of keys, an iPod Nano and a tool used for breaking windows.

    The officer asked why he was carrying this tool, and he said he found it on the ground at a nearby park. The officer then asked why he jumped the sorority house’s fence, and he said, “I was taking a short cut to my house.” The man was put in the back of the police car and taken to Pima County Jail for third-degree trespassing.

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